Origin: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Page online: October 10, 2008
Last update/review: October 10, 2008

Cea Serin

Self-proclaimed "mercurial metal" band Cea Serin has been around for some time, comprised of a core duo in the studio though currently fleshed out to five players for live work. The pair of J. Lamm and Keith Warman started recording back in 1997, and to date have done several demos, a 2001 EP (which, if memory serves, was an internet-only release of some sort?), and the full-length album Where Memories Combine in 2004. To describe their sound, one needs look no further than classic prog metal (Dream Theater et. al.), though there's enough experimentation and outside entities (the band names Yanni as an influence!) to keep things interesting and steer far clear of the clone tag. Lamm's vocals are clear and classically prog for the most part (though he also punctuates them with the rare black shriek that works well exactly because he keeps them to a minimum), while Warman holds up his end well with some inventive soloing and riffing. A proper drummer would help a bit, as the programming, while quite capably done, occasionally has that slight tinny sound that begs for human intervention (overall, this is a very minor nitpick). Bizarre highlights would include what sounds like a strange percussive break in "The End Of Silence" that is apparently a tap dancing solo (!). In recent times Lamm seems to be concentrating on releasing solo material, but apparently a second album is in the works somewhere. Prog fans could do far worse than tracking down Where Memories Combine.

Current Members

Jay Lamm


Keith Warman

guitars/backing vocals


Chiarascuro  EP
  1. Into the Vivid Cherishing
  2. Holy Mother
  3. Sudden Faith parts 1 + 2
  4. The Illumination Mask
  • Jay Lamm
  • Keith Warman

Where Memories Combine  
2004 Heaven Cross
  1. A Fracture in Forever
  2. Embracing the Absence
  3. Meridian's Tear
  4. The End of Silence
  5. Scripted Suffering: Within and Without
  6. Into the Vivid Cherishing
  7. Sudden Faith - Part I
  8. Sudden Faith - Part II
  9. An Evening at the Suicide Cafe
  • Jay Lamm
  • Keith Warman

The Vibrant Sound Of Bliss And Decay  
  1. Holy Mother
  2. The Illumination Mask
  3. Ice
  4. The Victim Cult
  5. What Falls Away

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