Origin: Germany  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: February 19, 2004

Lost Century

Lost Century play mid-paced progressive metal with thrash tendencies and somewhat unmelodic Germanic vocals that might remind one of the old Mekong Delta vocalist. The arrangements are a bit busy in places and in general the songs on both albums (which are quite similar) tend to run together -- some more variance in style is needed perhaps. Some interesting ideas here but the general disjointedness of the songs held the band back, presumably leading to the band breaking up. Vocalist Andreas Lohse went on to a band called Thought Sphere (link below).

Last Lineup

Andreas Lohse


Jens Schafer

lead guitar

Martin Bayer

rhythm guitar

Rudi Görg


Jason Kubke



(MCD) Natural Process Of Progression  
1993 self-released
  1. The End
  2. Submit To Stagnation
  3. Cling To The Unreal
  4. Delivering The Sentence, Part I: Birth, Part II: Murder, Part III: Conviction And Death
  5. Trivial (Towards Destination)

Complex Microcosm  
1994 T&T
  1. Descending
  2. Silent Inside
  3. Like The One Above
  4. Fallen Star
  5. Second Coming
  6. Wind In The Willows
  7. Life Itself
  8. Traverse The Veil
  9. Complex Microcosm
  • Andreas Lohse
  • Jens Schafer
  • Martin Bayer
  • Rudi Görg
  • Jason Kubke

Poetic Atmosphere Of Seasons  
1995 T&T
  1. Seal Of Thorns
  2. Autumn's Gift
  3. Unicorn
  4. Breathing Underwater: Death
  5. Last Days Of Spring
  6. Through The Gate
  7. Winter Twilight
  8. Kryogenic
  9. Summer's Dishonest Apologies
  10. Search
  11. Owe Me Awe
  • Andreas Lohse
  • Jens Schafer
  • Martin Bayer
  • Rudi Görg
  • Jason Kubke

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