Origin: Florianopolis, Brazil  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: October 22, 2007
Last update/review: October 22, 2007


This Brazilian quartet came together in early 2006 and quickly recorded a self-titled album. Self-described as "raw prog metal", their sound sits between Euro power metal and progressive metal, almost to the point where the band isn't quite sure which style they're most comfortable with. Often the song structures are relatively straightforward a la power metal, but Rafael Scopel's flashy guitarwork, almost neoclassical at times, shows a more technical side of the band, as does The production on Stormental is simple and clean, allowing all the instruments equal time. Though a young band, the guys (all in their mid-20's) all have plenty of musical experience, and it shows. The band is currently unsigned (in fact, as of this writing, all of their music is downloadable for free from their website), though they clearly are worthy of a record deal.

Current Members

Alexei Leão


Hique d'Avila


Andrei Leão


Marcos Feminella


Former Members/Guests

Rafael Scopel



2006 self-released
  1. The Conquer
  2. Rising
  3. Stormental
  4. Sun Child
  5. The Fury
  6. First Ray Of Light
  7. Auke
  8. Introducing The End
  • Alexei Leão
  • Rafael Scopel
  • Andrei Leão
  • Marcos Feminella

Unleashing The Madness  EP
2007 self-released
  1. Unleashing The Madness
  2. In Front Of You
  3. Introducing The End
  4. Rising (Live)
  5. Auke (Demo Version)
  • Alexei Leão
  • Rafael Scopel
  • Andrei Leão
  • Marcos Feminella

Mental Live Storm  VIDEO

Perception Of The Other  
2012 self-released
  1. Introspection
  2. Infernal
  3. Double Edged Blade
  4. In front of you
  5. A miserable Life
  6. Almost over
  7. Just Breathe
  8. Live!
  9. Perception of the Other
  • Alexei Leão
  • Hique d'Avila
  • Andrei Leão
  • Marcos Feminella

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