Origin: Australia  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: September 3, 2002


The Australian progressive metal band known as Vauxdvhil (originally known by the more conventional spelling Vaudeville) debuted with an intriguing album, the sort that often begs the description "sounds like Dream Theater", but with a darker and more adventurous tone. After that album the band (by this time a largely different lineup, with three of the original five members gone) entered an experimental phase, eventually releasing an EP entitled Vog, which by several reports is more industrial and not really a lot like To Dimension Logic. It seems unlikely that this band is still active. Former bassist Eddie Katz was recently seen in a band called Where Echoes End.

Last Lineup

Fab Gallen


Chris Deloy


Former Members/Guests

Stacy Handchild


Federic Leduc


Edward Katz



To Dimension Logic  
1994 independent
  1. The Weapon
  2. To Dimension Logic
  3. Questions Of Misanthropy
  4. Separate Ends
  5. Comedy Of Errors
  6. Philosophic Mosaica
  7. In Search Of Forever
  8. Minus Absence
  • Stacy Handchild
  • Fab Gallen
  • Federic Leduc
  • Edward Katz
  • Chris Deloy
1994 Readers' Album #46

Vog  EP
1998 Vorpt
  • Fab Gallen
  • Chris Deloy

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