Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: April 3, 2002

Lord Bane

Age Of Elegance was a promising debut album from this East Coast band (by way of Louisiana, where all but Eric Yawnaway hailed), but the band broke up almost as soon as the album was released. A shame, as the band's blend of Dream Theater-styled melodies, excellent vocals that bring Midnight (Crimson Glory) to mind, and a general feel of advanced orchestration marked what should have been only the beginning of a long career. This is a very difficult album to find nowadays but it is worth seeking out.

Last Lineup

Shawn Ames


Eric Yawnaway


Jason McAig


Wes Bordelon



Age Of Elegance  
1994 Nordic Metal
  1. Louange Au Prophete
  2. Fawns
  3. Born To Die
  4. Like The Lion
  5. Moriah
  6. Queen Ann
  7. If Broken Hearts Could Kill (You'd Be Dead)
  8. Promise Of Prophecy
  9. Blisscry (Parliament Of The Gods)
  • Shawn Ames
  • Eric Yawnaway
  • Jason McAig
  • Wes Bordelon

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