Origin: Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal
Last update/review: June 21, 2005

Thought Industry

One-time progressive metallers Thought Industry threw the metal world for a loop with their first three albums. Chaotic, weird, unconventional affairs they were -- truly what progressive metal should be (but rarely is) all about. The band's penchant for jarring time changes, diverse influences, and bizarre lyrics made each song and album an intense listen, not the kind of music that can be casually placed in the background. Best of those three (and the most metallic) would be Mods Carve The Pig, with the debut Songs For Insects a close second.

It stood to reason that a band as experimental as Thought Industry probably wouldn't stay in one place for too long, and that's just what happened. In 1997 the band released Black Umbrella, an album which bore little resemblance to any of their previous work. Here the focus is on simpler songwriting and a definite alternative rock influence, albeit in a less poppy manner than that term would normally imply. After the Recruiting ... retrospective (one of those live/unreleased/alternate-version semi-compilation releases), 2001 saw the band finally releasing a new album, Short Wave On A Cold Day, which continued their migration away from the heavier stuff -- they're still experimental and quirky (judging from the song titles, they haven't missed a beat on the lyrical front), they're just not very metallic anymore. As much as the earlier material was admired and will be missed, the band can be commended by continuing to record on their own terms.

The band was last known to be active in 2002, and though there was not a formal breakup announced, the band is done. Mainman Brent Oberlin has since been seen in a band called Cosmonaut (link below).

Last Lineup

Brent Oberlin


Mike Roche


Jeff Borkowski


Cam Taylor


Former Members/Guests

Paul Enzio


Christopher Lee


Herb Ledbetter


Dustin Donaldson


Jared Bryant



Songs For Insects  
1992 Metal Blade
  1. Third Eye
  2. Songs for Insects
  3. Cornerstone
  4. Daughter Mobius
  5. Alexander vs. the Puzzle
  6. Ballerina
  7. The Chalice Vermillion
  8. The Flesh is Weak
  9. Blistered Text and Bleeding Pens
  10. Bearing an Hourglass
  • Brent Oberlin
  • Paul Enzio
  • Christopher Lee
  • Dustin Donaldson
1992 Readers' Album #53

Mods Carve The Pig  
1993 Metal Blade
  1. Horsepowered
  2. Daterape Cookbook
  3. Gelatin
  4. Jane Whitfield is Dead
  5. Boil
  6. Michigan Jesus
  7. Smirk the Godblender
  8. Republicans in Love
  9. Worms Listen
  10. Patiently Waiting for Summer
  11. To Build a Better Bulldozer
  • Brent Oberlin
  • Paul Enzio
  • Christopher Lee
  • Dustin Donaldson
1993 Readers' Album #28

Outer Space Is Just A Martini Away  
1996 Metal Blade
  1. Love is America Spelled Backwards
  2. Jeb and the Haymaker
  3. Fairy
  4. The Squid
  5. Dante Dangling from a Noose
  6. Jack Frost Junior
  7. Pinto Award in Literature
  8. Soot on the Radio
  9. Watercolour Grey
  10. Sharron Sours
  11. D.I.Y. Tranquilizers
  12. Fruitcake and Cider
  13. Atomic Stroller Helps None
  14. Bottomfeeder
  • Brent Oberlin
  • Paul Enzio
  • Christopher Lee
  • Herb Ledbetter
  • Jared Bryant
1996 Readers' Album #43

Black Umbrella  
1997 Metal Blade
  1. My Famous Mistake
  2. Blue
  3. Tragic Juliet
  4. World
  5. Bitter
  6. Consistently Yours, Pluto
  7. December 10th
  8. Edward Smith
  9. Her Rusty Nail
  10. Pink Dumbo
  11. Swank
  12. Earwig
  13. 24 Hrs. Ago I Could Breathe/Dec. 11th
  • Brent Oberlin
  • Paul Enzio
  • Herb Ledbetter
  • Jared Bryant

Recruited To Do Good Deeds For The Devil  
1998 Metal Blade
  1. Hello lovey dovey
  2. Love is America spelled backwards
  3. Metal
  4. Get up and slumber
  5. Famous mistake (live)
  6. Atomic stroller helps none Remix
  7. Lousiana
  8. Republicans in love (live)
  9. Cornerstone Live
  10. Encounter with a hick
  11. The squid (live)
  12. Earwig Say Omen Remix
  13. Whine
  14. Watercolour Grey Gordon Lightfoot Version
  15. Gelatin (live)
  16. Final ballet
  17. December 10th Remix
  18. Blue (live)
  19. Love is America spelled backwards (live)
  20. nnnon

Short Wave On A Cold Day  
2001 Metal Blade
  1. Satan in the Gift Shop
  2. I'm Lonely (and Grooving like Cancer)
  3. The Waitress in the Bar Orbiting Lo
  4. Burning Coal With Margaret
  5. Tall Ships on the Rocks
  6. Kiss Judy Fly
  7. The Measure of Our Miles
  8. Lovers in Flames
  9. A Week and Seven Days
  10. Particle Hustler
  11. Longfellow
  12. Hello, Murder
  13. So Says Ike
  14. Beautiful Coma
  15. Interstellar Fix
  16. Alien and Pure
  17. untitled
  • Brent Oberlin
  • Mike Roche
  • Jeff Borkowski
  • Cam Taylor

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