Origin: Delray Beach, Florida, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: August 17, 2006

Reading Zero

Reading Zero is an impressive progressive metal band hailing from Florida. Their style occasionally brings to mind early Queensryche, but these guys are more adventurous and are far from mere clones. The Actual sounds nothing like an independent release, as the production and musicianship is flawless. Quite simply, this band is a must for progressive metal fans. A second album, Satellite Sessions, finally saw the light of day in 2001, and as of 2004 they were reportedly working on new material, but haven't heard from since.

Last Lineup

Chris Roy


Chris Pellerin


Joel Decatur


Russ Pellerin



The Actual  
1997 independent
  1. The Actual
  2. Amongst The Clouds
  3. Different Climb
  4. Dimensions
  5. Strategy
  6. Midsummer Daydream (Part 1)
  7. The Charade
  8. Mirage
  9. True To Form
  10. And Never To Return
  • Chris Roy
  • Chris Pellerin
  • Joel Decatur
  • Russ Pellerin

Satellite Sessions  
2001 independent
  1. Project 33
  2. Scene Unseen
  3. New World
  4. Mortal Hands
  5. When The Snow Fals
  6. Wavelengths
  7. Charming The Snakes
  8. Turning Down The Sun
  9. Drinking Tea With The Moon
  10. Discarding The Frame
  11. Sipping Tea
  • Chris Roy
  • Chris Pellerin
  • Joel Decatur
  • Russ Pellerin

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