Origin: England  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: May 27, 2007
Last update/review: September 22, 2012

Linear Sphere

While the progressive metal genre has been muddied in the last few years with melodic bands that really aren't that progressive at all, it's nice to hear bands like Linear Sphere, bands that both draw from familiar influences and branch out enough so that they are, well, progressive, as well as not forgetting the metal aspect. This English group debuted in 2005 with Reality Dysfunction, featuring some impressive guitar work that draws both from jazz and metal, as well as excellent and varied songwriting. Jos Geren's vocals are a bit different, especially for prog metal, as his main voice is a bit raspy, rough around the edges without falling into the harsh category, though he does show his melodic side now and again. Apparently this band is still unsigned, which is a shame, as a label like Inside Out would appear to be a perfect fit. Highly recommended for prog metal fans, in fact this might be one of the best prog metal album released in some time.

Current Members

Jos Geron


Martin Goulding


Steve Woodcock


Jamie Brooks


Nick Lowczowski


Former Members/Guests

Charlie Griffiths


Dave Marks



Reality Dysfunction  
2005 independent
  1. Reversal
  2. Father Pyramid
  3. Ceremony Master
  4. Division Man
  5. Marketing
  6. Life of Gear
  7. From Space to Time
  • Jos Geron
  • Martin Goulding
  • Charlie Griffiths
  • Dave Marks
  • Nick Lowczowski

2012 independent
  1. Origin
  2. Manvantara
  3. Cycle of Ages
  4. Inner Flame
  5. Reset Realign
  6. The Dawning
  • Jos Geron
  • Martin Goulding
  • Steve Woodcock
  • Jamie Brooks
  • Nick Lowczowski

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