Origin: Brecksville, Ohio, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: June 21, 2015


Formed in 1997, Archetype made its initial mark on the progressive metal world with an introductory EP in 1999, then upped the ante with their debut full-length album, Dawning in 2002. They are best described as a power progressive metal band, as they are far more technical than most traditional power metal bands but are neither as overtly melodic nor as prone to showoff-ism as are many melodic progressive bands. Though the entire band deserves kudos, a special mention should be made for (now former) vocalist Greg Wagner, as his full, powerful range suited this style of music perfectly. Dawning is a polished and professional release, especially noteworthy for a young, independent band. As late as November 2014 the band were still putting the final touches on a long-awaited new album.

Current Members

Tony Webster


Chris Matyus


Jamie Still


Keith Zeigler


Former Members/Guests

Greg Wagner

vocals (ex-Breaker, ex-Shatter Messiah)


Hands Of Time  EP
1999 independent
  1. Visionary
  2. Dissension's Wake
  3. Arisen
  4. Hands Of Time
  • Greg Wagner
  • Chris Matyus
  • Jamie Still
  • Keith Zeigler

2002 CDM
  1. Final Day
  2. Hands Of Time
  3. Dawning
  4. Dissension's Wake
  5. Inside Your Dreams
  6. Premonitions
  7. Visionary
  8. Arisen
  9. The Mind's Eye
  10. Years Ago
  • Greg Wagner
  • Chris Matyus
  • Jamie Still
  • Keith Zeigler

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