Origin: Winnepeg, Canada  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
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Page online: July 13, 2008
Last update/review: January 18, 2015

Electro Quarterstaff

Right off the bat, Electro Quarterstaff's odd lineup configuration stands out -- three guitarists and a drummer, but no vocalist and, oddly enough, no bassist (update -- there is a bassist now). So, yes, this is instrumental metal, a sort of progressive, complex, dense brand of instrumental metal, a style that over the years has had few participants but is gaining a bit in popularity in recent times. Predictably, this is not toe-tapping material, and at times they fall prey to the change-riffs-every-two-seconds mentality that some of the more out-there tech bands employ, though at other times they keep the reins a bit closer. With three guitarists vying for attention, at times things get a bit muddy, and then there's the matter of no bassist. Arguably many bands with bassists bury them in the mix to the point of nonexistence, and perhaps because of that EQ can get away with it here, but all the same a nice bottom end would be appreciated. Still, all and all Electro Quarterstaff do display some serious chops, and fans of bands such as Dysrhythmia appear to be the target audience here. Kudos to the band for some entertaining song titles, as well as a bizarre naming convention for their albums.

Current Members

Joshua Bedry


Andrew Dickens


Drew Johnston


Marty Thiessen


Dan Ryckman



Swayze  EP
2004 self-released
  1. The Right To Arm Bears
  2. Something's Awry in the Hetfield of Dreams
  3. Dr. Wiley
  • Joshua Bedry
  • Andrew Dickens
  • Drew Johnston
  • Dan Ryckman

2006 Willowtip
  1. Neckwrecker
  2. Twisted Squid
  3. Charmony
  4. The Right to Arm Bears
  5. Get Sick
  6. Titanium Overlords
  7. Eyepatch Romance
  8. Something's Awry in the Hetfield of Dreams
  • Joshua Bedry
  • Andrew Dickens
  • Drew Johnston
  • Dan Ryckman

2011 Willowtip
  1. The Wolf Shall Inherit The Moon
  2. McNutty
  3. Waltz of the Swedish Meatballs
  4. Unholy Gravy
  5. Descent by Annihilation Operator
  6. The Blacksmith
  7. Stroganoff
  8. Japanese Upside Down Cake
  • Joshua Bedry
  • Andrew Dickens
  • Drew Johnston
  • Marty Thiessen
  • Dan Ryckman

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