Origin: Fort Worth, Texas, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Page online: July 17, 2016
Last update/review: July 17, 2016


Magnus formed in the late 90's and played regularly until the untimely passing of founding guitarist/vocalist Merk Crandle, prompting the breakup of the group. Several years later the other two original members came back together, recruited a new guitarist, and eventually released a self-titled album in 2011 in tribute to Crandle. The style is a rather intense and intriguing form of dark progressive semi-thrash, with some intricate riffing and some great pounding drumming from Andrew Tipps. The album is largely instrumental, but some of the vocals featured are of founding member Crandle, whose vocals were retrieved from an earlier demo.

Current Members

Ben Schultz


Kenneth Thompson


Andrew Tipps


Former Members/Guests

Merk Crandle

vocals RIP: March 2003


2011 independent
  1. Exile
  2. Alpha Flight
  3. Fade
  4. Unforeseen
  5. Mandala
  6. Woebegone
  7. 8 Divine Palm
  • Merk Crandle
  • Ben Schultz
  • Kenneth Thompson
  • Andrew Tipps

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