Origin: Longueuil, Canada  
Genres: Hard Rock, Progressive Metal
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Page online: December 11, 2006
Last update/review: January 30, 2010


AraPacis was formed in 2003 by guitarist Jerry Fielden, with the current lineup stabilizing a few years later. They debuted in 2006 with So Many Leapers, a work best described as light gothic metal/rock, not nearly as grandiose as many bands in the gothic metal camp, as instead there are noticeable nods arguably not terribly metallic but nonetheless a selling point here (one vague soundalike, and this might be The production is thin (particularly where the guitars are concerned), perhaps not surprising given that this is most likely a self-financed effort. a lot of promise here, and more power to bands like AraPacis that stray from the fad of the moment.

Current Members

Shelle Macpherson


Jerry Fielden

guitars/backing vocals/keyboards

Former Members/Guests

Shelsey Jarvis


Lizzie Fyre


Gabriel Boudreault


Dmitri Mak-Mak


John Yates


Ray Tessier


Pedro Osorio


Mathieu Roy



So Many Leapers  
2006 FX Metal
  1. So Many Leapers
  2. Drop of Hope
  3. Histories
  4. Tale Spin
  5. Reflections
  6. Time's Has-Been
  7. Fast Fingers
  8. Soldier of Fun
  • Shelsey Jarvis
  • Jerry Fielden
  • Gabriel Boudreault
  • Ray Tessier

Consequences Of Dreams  
2009 Femme Metal
  1. Consequences of Dreams
  2. Solitary Abode
  3. The Green Fairy
  4. Haunted Forests
  5. Death of Loneliness
  6. Hesitate
  7. Theocracy
  8. Roadways
  9. From the Dark
  10. Thunder Lizard
  • Lizzie Fyre
  • Jerry Fielden
  • Dmitri Mak-Mak
  • Pedro Osorio

  1. End of the Line
  2. Horror Show
  3. Lord of the Clouds
  4. Crisis
  5. Unbirth
  6. The Affliction
  7. Beautifully Blind
  8. Beneath Me
  9. Dark Days Ahead
  • Lizzie Fyre
  • Jerry Fielden
  • Mathieu Roy

Deja-Vu  EP
  1. Time's Has-Been
  2. Theocracy
  3. Haunted Forests
  • Lizzie Fyre
  • Jerry Fielden
  • John Yates
  • Mathieu Roy

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