Origin: Rosedale, Maryland, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: April 20, 2004

Mercury Rising

On their debut, Upon Deaf Ears, Mercury Rising define the term "progressive metal". As compared to the many other prog metal bands of the day, Mercury Rising has the technicality and the songwriting skills, but they aren't as poppy or as mainstream-sounding as the others, leading to a heavier and more interesting approach to their songs. By contrast, Building Rome shows a decidedly less heavy side of band, insteading opting for a more conventional progressive style. Though a more mature release, it lacked the intensity and uniqueness of the debut. The band broke up in early 1999, for a variety of familiar reasons, among them being problems with record labels, musical differences between members, and disappointment regarding their last album.

Last Lineup

Clarence Osborne


Mike Evans


Judd Rizzo


Chris Brush


Jeff Moos


Former Members/Guests

Hal Dolliver


Gary Goldsmith



Upon Deaf Ears  
1994 Dominion
  1. Upon Deaf Ears
  2. Light To Grow
  3. Halfway To Forever
  4. Minute Man
  5. Zeros And Ones
  6. It's War
  7. Prayer
  8. Where Fear Ends
  • Clarence Osborne
  • Hal Dolliver
  • Gary Goldsmith
  • Chris Brush
  • Jeff Moos

Building Rome  
1998 Noise
  1. Cathedrals
  2. Building Rome
  3. The Occurence Of Tomorrow
  4. A Narrow Door
  5. Moment Of Truth
  6. Of Lesser Men
  7. Renaissance
  8. Think
  • Clarence Osborne
  • Mike Evans
  • Judd Rizzo
  • Chris Brush
  • Jeff Moos

  1. Death Do Us Part
  2. Slowly Killing Me
  3. Minute Men
  4. Harnessed Lightning
  5. Under A Big Sky
  6. Slowly Killing Me
  7. Under A Big Sky
  8. Problem Child
  9. Mercury Rising
  10. Metal America

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