Origin: New York City, New York, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Death Metal
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Page online: May 1, 2022
Last update/review: May 1, 2022

Open The Nile

Open The Nile has been operating somewhat under the radar since their inception in 2008. Originally going by the similar moniker Open Denile, they put out two releases before switching to their present name in 2015, and both before and since then there've been several lineup changes surrounding guitarist Craig Storer. Everything has been self-financed, including their 2020 effort The Meridian, which packs quite a bit into a small package (ten songs in only 31 minutes). The style swings wildly between a more relaxed alt-progressive metal style and intense tech-death, with a few songs arguably benefitting from being fleshed out a bit more (bands of this ilk often write too-long songs, these guys buck that trend). The musicianship is far better than the typical indie effort, seems like a band in need of a break. As of this writing (Feb 2022) there's been more lineup changes and possibly a newer release since Meridian. Could be a band to keep an eye on.

Current Members

Ken Fahy


Craig Storer


Hikaru Takeyama


James Leary


Former Members/Guests

Stephen Kain


Jorge Coronel


Chris Cedeno


Kareem Clarke (guest)


Bill Angelini


Jonathan Iovine



Desecration In Numbers  EP
2010 independent

Visions Of The Next Dimension  
2012 independent
  • Stephen Kain
  • Craig Storer
  • Chris Cedeno
  • Kareem Clarke
  • Bill Angelini

The Efflorescence Of Creation  EP
2015 independent

Levity  EP
2017 independent
  • Jorge Coronel
  • Craig Storer
  • Hikaru Takeyama
  • Jonathan Iovine

The Meridian  
2020 independent
  • Jorge Coronel
  • Craig Storer
  • Hikaru Takeyama
  • Jonathan Iovine

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