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Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: September 19, 2007
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Twisted Into Form

Spiral Architect remain one of the few bands who truly deserve the tag "technical progressive metal", and their 2000 debut A Sceptic's Universe (sadly, their only album) is still regarded as a landmark album. Twisted Into Form features two members with ties to Spiral Architect, in vocalist Leif Knashaug (who, as a session vocalist, sang on an early SA demo) and guitarist Kaj Gornitzka, who left SA shortly after the release of Universe. Released in 2006, TIF's Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer continues the tech prog metal direction of Spiral Architect, with some impressive riff/tempo changes (shades of prime Watchtower at times), a solid and adventurous rhythm section, and clear vocals from Knashaug. Technical though this is, it's also relatively in control, in contrast to some of the more spastic tech death bands and The Dillinger Escape Plan clones that have sprouted up in recent times. For a variety of reasons, tech bands normally have a relatively short lifespan, recording sporadically at best (witness the aforementioned Spiral Architect and Watchtower, and one might include Cynic in this group) -- as of this writing, Twisted Into Form is suffering a similar fate, as they have yet to record a followup.

Current Members

Leif Knashaug


Kaj Gornitzka

guitars (ex-Spiral Architect)

Erik Aadland


David Husvik

drums (ex-Extol)


Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer  
2006 Sensory
  1. Enter Nothingness
  2. Instinct Solitaire
  3. Torrents
  4. The Thin Layers Of Lust And Love
  5. Tear
  6. Manumit
  7. The Flutter Kings
  8. Erased
  9. House Of Nadir
  10. Coda
  • Leif Knashaug
  • Kaj Gornitzka
  • Erik Aadland
  • David Husvik

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