Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal
Last update/review: November 2, 2015


Chicago's Aftermath made some noise in their early days with an ultra-speedy crossover style as heard on their 1987 demo Killing The Future. Some years later they mutated into a more technical thrash metal act and set about recording their debut album, Eyes Of Tomorrow. Scheduled for a 1990 release, the band unfortunately signed to Big Chief Records just before that label's demise, forcing a four-year delay in release that resulted in the band missing the thrash boom and losing their momentum, though in actuality Eyes is an accomplished album, a lost technical thrash gem somewhat in the mold of Anacrusis. A few years later came another shift in direction to a more prog/alternative band, and more legal problems, this time being involved in a court case with none other than Dr. Dre over the use of the name Aftermath. Dre won that case, and the band eventually changed name to Mother God Moviestar, releasing an album in 1998. The band went quiet after that, until 2014, when the original lineup came back together to play some shows. Eyes Of Tomorrow got a re-release on the cult Shadow Kingdom label, and the Killing The Future demo is finally getting a CD release in October 2015.

Current Members

Kyriakos Tsiolis


Steve Sacco


George Lagis


Ray Schmidt


Former Members/Guests

John Lovette


Chris Waldron



Eyes Of Tomorrow  
1994 Thermometer
  1. Words That Echo Fear
  2. Eyes Of Tomorrow
  3. Being
  4. Experience
  5. Afraid Of Time
  6. Reflecting Pictures
  7. Change Of Mood
  8. The Act Of Unspoken Wisdom
  9. Whisper Of A Dream
  10. Proud Reflex
  11. Snuff
  • Kyriakos Tsiolis
  • Steve Sacco
  • John Lovette
  • Chris Waldron
  • Ray Schmidt

25 Years Of Chaos  COMPILATION

Eyes Of Tomorrow  RE-ISSUE
2015 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Words That Echo Fear
  2. Eyes of Tomorrow
  3. Being
  4. Experience
  5. Afraid of Time
  6. Reflecting Pictures
  7. Change of Mood
  8. The Act of Unspoken Wisdom
  9. Whisper of a Dream
  10. Proud Reflex
  11. Snuff
  12. A Temptation to Overthrow (Bonus Track)
  13. Japan (Bonus Track)
  14. Metallic Slums and Highrises (Bonus Track)
  15. God Is in the Details (Bonus Track)
  16. Stain (Bonus Track)

Killing The Future  DEMO RE-RELEASE
2015 Divebomb
  1. When Will You Die?
  2. Going No Place
  3. Chaos
  4. Meltdown
  5. War For Freedom
  6. Sentenced To Death (Demo #1)
  7. Revenge (Demo #1)
  8. Shotgun (Demo #1)
  9. The Aftermath (Demo #1)

There Is Something Wrong  
2019 Zoid
  1. Can You Feel It?
  2. False Flag Flying
  3. Diethanasia
  4. Scientists and Priest
  5. Smash Reset Control
  6. Gaslight
  7. A Handful of Dynamite
  8. Temptation Overthrown
  9. Pseudocide
  10. There Is Something Wrong
  11. Expulsion
  • Kyriakos Tsiolis
  • Steve Sacco
  • George Lagis
  • Ray Schmidt

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