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Catalog # Band Album Year
The Lord Weird Slough Feg The Slay Stack Grows 2009
Aftermath Eyes Of Tomorrow 2015
Venomous Maximus No Warning 2017
Night Demon Live Darkness 2018
Altar Of Oblivion The Seven Spirits 2019
Savage Master Those Who Hunt At Night 2022
SKR001 Stygian Shore The Shore Will Arise 2007
SKR002 Hour Of 13 Hour Of 13 2007
SKR003 Isen Torr Mighty And Superior 2008
SKR004 Energy Vampires Energy Vampires 2008
SKR005 Brocas Helm Into Battle 1984
SKR006 Ironsword Overlords Of Chaos 2008
SKR007 Ritual Widow 2008
SKR008 Ritual Valley Of The Kings 2008
SKR009 Dragonslayer Dragonslayer 2008
SKR010 Pale Divine Crimson Tears 2008
SKR011 Stone Garden Stone Garden .
SKR013 The Lord Weird Slough Feg
SKR014 The Hand Of Doom Poisonoise 2008
SKR015 Revelation Release 2008
SKR016 Old Yron Old Yron
SKR017 Ogre Plague Of The Planet 2008
SKR018 Death Mask Exhumation 2009
SKR019 Iron Man I Have Returned 2009
SKR020 Dawn Of Winter The Peaceful Dead 2008
SKR021 Altar Of Oblivion Sinews Of Anguish 2009
SKR022 Argus Argus 2009
SKR025 Genocide Black Sanctuary 2009
SKR026 Sinister Realm Sinister Realm 2009
SKR028 Revelation For The Sake Of No One 2009
SKR029 Iron Man Black Night 1993
SKR030 Jameson Raid Just As The Dust Had Settled
SKR031 Serpent's Knight Silent Knight ...
SKR032 Demontage The Principle Extinction 2010
SKR033 Garden Of Worm Garden Of Worm 2010
SKR034 Iron Man The Passage 1994
SKR035 Manilla Road After Midnight Live 2009
SKR036 Crowned In Earth Visions Of The Haunted 2010
SKR037 Deep Switch Nine Inches Of God 1986
SKR038 Revelation ... Yet So Far 1995
SKR039 Crisis Armed To The Teeth / Kick It Out 2010
SKR040 Condenados A Painful Journey Into Nihil 2011
SKR043 Manilla Road The Deluge 1986
SKR044 Cardinals Folly Such Power Is Dangerous! 2011
SKR045 Iron Man Generation Void 1999
SKR046 Sinister Realm The Crystal Eye 2011
SKR047 Manilla Road Playground Of The Damned 2011
SKR048 Black Hole Land Of Mystery 1985
SKR049 Altar Of Oblivion Salvation 2012
SKR050 Manilla Road Crystal Logic 1983
SKR051 Pale Divine Painted Windows Black 2012
SKR052 Manilla Road Open The Gates 1985
SKR053 Manilla Road The Courts Of Chaos 1990
SKR054 Pagan Altar The Time Lord 2004
SKR055 Coven 13 Worship New Gods 1987
SKR056 Altar Of Oblivion Grand Gesture Of Defiance 2012
SKR057 Hellwell Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin 2012
SKR058 Manilla Road Invasion 1981
SKR060 Pagan Altar The Lords Of Hypocrisy 2004
SKR061 Pagan Altar Judgement Of The Dead 2005
SKR062 Corsair Corsair
SKR063 Deceptor Chains Of Delusion
SKR064 Bolder Damn Mourning
SKR065 Manilla Road Mysterium 2013
SKR066 Manilla Road Spiral Castle 2002
SKR068 Corsair Ghosts Of Proxima Centauri
SKR069 Revelation Inner Harbor 2012
SKR070 Manilla Road Metal 1982
SKR071 Cardinals Folly Strange Conflicts Of The Past 2013
SKR072 Corsair Alpha Centauri
SKR073 The Vein Scouring The Wreckage Of Time
SKR074 Sinister Realm World Of Evil 2013
SKR075 Night Demon Night Demon
SKR076 The Mezmerist The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty 2012
SKR077 Lost Breed The Evil In You And Me 1993
SKR078 Lost Breed Save Yourself 1995
SKR079 Funeral Circle Funeral Circle
SKR080 Coven 13 Destiny Of The Gods 2013
SKR081 Nigromante Black Magic Night 2014
SKR083 Manilla Road The Blessed Curse 2015
SKR084 Pale Divine Cemetary Earth 2007
SKR085 Lucifer's Hammer Night Sacrifice
SKR086 Revelation Salvation's Answer 1991
SKR087 Manilla Road Mystification 1987
SKR090 Zone Zero The Lost Legacy
SKR091 Cardinals Folly Our Cult Continues! 2014
SKR092 Johnny Touch Inner City Wolves
SKR093 Powerlord The Awakening
SKR095 Convent Guilt Guns For Hire 2014
SKR099 High Power High Power 1983
SKR100 Stygian Shore Stygian Shore 1984
SKR102 Ironsword None But The Brave 2015
SKR103 Venomous Maximus Firewalker 2015
SKR105 Temple Of Void Of Terror ...
SKR106 Majesty In Ruin All Light Shall Fade ...
SKR108 Tombstalker Black Crusades
SKR110 Phantomass Phantomass 2014
SKR111 Sacred Few Beyond The Iron Walls 1985
SKR112 Cardinals Folly Holocaust Of Ecstasy And Freedom 2016
SKR113 Lucifer's Hammer Beyond The Omens
SKR114 Gallower Witch Hunt Is On
SKR115 Ice War Dream Spirit
SKR118 Excuse Goddess Injustice
SKR119 Altar Of Oblivion Barren Grounds 2016
SKR120 Death SS In Death Of Steve Sylvester 1988
SKR121 Death SS Black Mass 1989
SKR123 Condenados The Tree Of Death 2017
SKR127 Temple Of Void Lords Of Death
SKR157 Haunt Burst Into Flame 2018
SKR159 Pale Divine Pale Divine 2018
SKR170 Haunt If Icarus Could Fly 2019
SKR171 Bewitcher Under The Witching Cross 2019
SKR173 Savage Master Myth, Magic And Steel 2019
SKR174 Haunt Mosaic Vision 2019
SKR176 Temple Of Void The World That Was
SKR177 Blood Star The Fear
SKR178 Pounder Breaking The World
SKR180 Hour Of 13 Black Magick Rites 2020
SKR181 Haunt Mind Freeze 2020
SKR189 Dark Quarterer Dark Quarterer 1987
SKR197 Destructor Blood, Bone, And Fire 2023

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