Origin: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: February 20, 2010
Last update/review: June 5, 2011

Sinister Realm

Epic, underground metal has been a staple in America for years, and in the past labels like Hell's Headbangers provided fans with several great bands. Nowadays labels like Shadow Kingdom are the ones responsible for giving bands like this the outlet they need, and in Sinister Realm we have a fine example of underground American metal. While doom is the base here, this is not ponderous, first-album-Sabbath doom, but rather a more contemporary epic/doom style, much like the stuff the old classic DC Hellhound bands did back in the nineties. This is a solid album through and through, with the standout track being "The Nihilist", due to a more uptempo riff and a strong chorus. Good stuff here, and again kudos to Shadow Kingdom for releasing this.

Current Members

Alex Kristof


John Risko


John Kantner


John Gaffney

bass/backing vocals (ex-Pale Divine)

Chris Metzger


Former Members/Guests

Keith Patrick


Darin McCloskey

drums (Crowned In Earth, Pale Divine)


Sinister Realm  
2009 Shadow Kingdom
  1. (The Oracle) Into the Depths of Hell
  2. Machine God
  3. The Demon Seed
  4. Message from Beyond
  5. March of the Damned
  6. The Nihilist
  7. Mongol Horde
  8. Enter the Sinister Realm
  9. The Circle is Broken
  • Alex Kristof
  • Keith Patrick
  • John Kantner
  • John Gaffney
  • Darin McCloskey

The Crystal Eye  
2011 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Winds of Vengeance
  2. The Shroud of Misery
  3. With Swords Held High
  4. The Crystal Eye
  5. At the Hands of the Tormentor
  6. Signal the Earth
  7. Battle for the Sinister Realm
  8. The Tower is Burning
  • Alex Kristof
  • John Risko
  • John Kantner
  • John Gaffney
  • Chris Metzger

World Of Evil  
2013 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Dark Angel of Fate
  2. Bell Strikes Fear
  3. World of Evil
  4. The Ghosts of Nevermore
  5. Prophets of War
  6. Cyber Villain
  7. The Forest of Souls
  8. Four Black Witches
  • Alex Kristof
  • John Risko
  • John Kantner
  • John Gaffney
  • Chris Metzger

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