Origin: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: September 29, 2011
Last update/review: September 29, 2011


Salt Lake City's own Crisis came into being in 1980 and a few years later attracted the attention of the British label Bullet Records, who took their Armed To The Teeth demo and released it as a debut EP. A followup album, Kick It Out, was recorded and after some delays, released by Bullet in 1986, but for various reasons didn't do as well as hoped, and after a few years the band gave up. A decade later the original trio hooked up with a second guitarist and the band released Hard Bargain (which may or may not have been the name of the reformed band as well). The music on those early releases (recently re-released by Shadow Kingdom Records with a bunch of bonus tracks) is raw, catchy, straightforward early American hard rock/metal, nothing awe-inspiring but it does make for a nice nostalgia trip.

Note: no relation to another US metal band named Crisis.

Last Lineup

Dane Thomson


Jeff Cross


Colin Surles


Former Members/Guests

Dan James


Bret Desmond



Armed To The Teeth  EP
1985 Bullet
  1. Crank It Up
  2. Diane
  3. We're The Boys
  4. Break in Action
  5. Take It Or Leave It
  6. Armed to the Teeth
  • Dane Thomson
  • Jeff Cross
  • Bret Desmond

Kick It Out  
1986 Bullet
  1. Kick It Out
  2. Metal Meltdown
  3. Don't Come Back
  4. Scene of the Crime
  5. Keep Fighting
  6. We Only Come Out At Night
  7. Pay the Price
  8. We Come to Rock!
  • Dane Thomson
  • Jeff Cross
  • Bret Desmond

Hard Bargain  
2000 self-released
  1. Independent
  2. Dodged Another Buller
  3. Kicked Around
  4. Blue Roses
  5. Living A Dream
  6. My Girl
  7. It Isn't Easy Being Me
  8. Driving Rain
  9. Sheraza
  10. Guava and Palmetto
  • Dane Thomson
  • Jeff Cross
  • Dan James
  • Bret Desmond

Armed To The Teeth / Kick It Out  COMPILATION
2010 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Crank It Up
  2. Diane
  3. We're the Boys
  4. Break in the Action
  5. Take It or Leave It
  6. Armed to the Teeth
  7. Kick It Out
  8. Metal Meltdown
  9. Keep Fighting
  10. We Come to Rock
  11. At Night
  12. Don't Come Back
  13. Scene of the Crime
  14. Pay the Price
  15. Driven by the Clock
  16. Blue Roses
  17. Dodged Another Bullet
  18. It Isn't Easy Being Me
  19. Fan the Flames
  20. Rock Fever
  21. Stand Your Ground
  22. Don't Look Back
  23. Scars
  24. Lighting Fires
  25. Independent
  26. El Camino
  27. Kicked Around

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