Origin: Huddersfield, England  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: October 31, 2008
Last update/review: January 15, 2017

Isen Torr

The Isen Torr project was founded in 2003 by Solstice guitarist (as well as Miskatonic leader) Rich Walker. Apparently the grand plan was to record three limited-release, vinyl-only EPs, followed by a single live performance, and then close the books completely on the project. Walker recruited several underground metal names and put out that first EP, Mighty And Superior, but nothing else was ever recorded (and the EP was recently reissued on CD by Shadow Kingdom Records, which wasn't part of the scheme). The EP consists of two 8+ minute epics (with the re-release featuring an demo instrumental version of one of the tracks as a bonus), very 80's-influenced dark indie metal (think bands like Omen, Brocas Helm, or to a lesser extent, Manilla Road with a higher-pitched vocalist). This band showed a lot of promise, but for whatever reasons the project was put to rest in 2010.

Last Lineup

Rich Walker

guitars (Solstice)

Perry Grayson

guitars (ex-Destiny's End)

Oliver Zuhlke


Martin Zellmer


Former Members/Guests

Tony Taylor

vocals (ex-Twisted Tower Dire) RIP: February 6, 2010, motorcycle accident


Mighty And Superior  
  1. Mighty & Superior
  2. The Theomachist
  • Tony Taylor
  • Rich Walker
  • Perry Grayson
  • Oliver Zuhlke
  • Martin Zellmer

Mighty And Superior  RE-ISSUE
2008 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Mighty & Superior
  2. The Theomachist
  3. The Theomachist (demo version)

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