Origin: S. Pasadena, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: November 15, 2005

Destiny's End

Destiny's End formed when the members of New Eden split up, with a guitarist and the original vocalist staying behind and the rest deciding to form a new band. Armed with ex-Helstar vocalist James Rivera (who also served briefly with New Eden), the band released two outstanding albums of 80's-inspired melodic speed metal, not too dissimilar from early Helstar or, perhaps, Sanctuary. Rivera's vocals are in top form as always and the guitar work leads of Dan DeLucie and Perry Grayson are especially noteworthy. A highly recommended band for 80's power metal purists.

Following the release of their second album, Transition, Destiny's End inexplicably disappeared. Dan DeLucie has since been involved in a new project called Crescent Shield, which also features Michael Grant from Onward (link below). Drummer Brian Craig was later seen in Seven Witches, and he was for a time joined there by vocalist Rivera. Perry Grayson formed a band called Artisan (a band that is still active), though he has left that band to pursue a different musical course.

Last Lineup

James Rivera

vocals (ex-Distant Thunder, Helstar, Killing Machine, Malice, ex-Seven Witches, ShadowKeep, ex-Vicious Rumors)

Dan DeLucie

guitars (ex-Crescent Shield, ex-New Eden)

Eric Halpern

guitars (ex-Distant Thunder, ex-Leatherwolf)

Nardo Andi

bass (ex-New Eden)

Brian Craig

drums (ex-Ghoulunatics, ex-New Eden, ex-Seven Witches)

Former Members/Guests

Perry Grayson

guitars (ex-Isen Torr)


Breathe Deep The Dark  
1998 Metal Blade
  1. Rebirth
  2. Breathe Deep the Dark
  3. To Be Immortal
  4. Idle City
  5. The Fortress Unvanquishable
  6. Sinister Deity
  7. Unsolved World
  8. Under Destruction's Thumb
  9. Clutching at Straws
  10. Where Do We Go?
  11. The Obscure
  • James Rivera
  • Dan DeLucie
  • Perry Grayson
  • Nardo Andi
  • Brian Craig
1998 Readers' Album #57

2001 Metal Blade
  1. Transition
  2. The Watcher
  3. A Passing Phase
  4. The Suffering
  5. From Dust To Life
  6. Storm Clouds
  7. First You Dream, Then You Die
  8. The Legend
  9. A Choice Of Graves
  10. Vanished
  • James Rivera
  • Dan DeLucie
  • Perry Grayson
  • Nardo Andi
  • Brian Craig

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