Origin: England  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: November 30, 2008


Hailing from England, Shadow Keep is an up-and-coming power metal with a pretty good debut album in 2000's Corruption Within. The band is frequently referred to as progressive, but their style more closely aligned with traditional 80's power metal, a la early Queensryche with perhaps a bit of Helstar for good measure. Belgian-born vocalist Rogue M. could be a rising star, with a soaring voice reminiscient of Geoff Tate in his early days (as further evidence of the Queensryche influence, check out the faithfully done hidden track cover of "Queen Of The Reich"). Another quality band for 80's metal enthusiasts. A second album, A Chaos Theory, was released in 2002.

Three years later, a new, invigorated lineup has been announced, and plans for touring and a new album are under way.

Current Members

James Rivera

vocals (ex-Distant Thunder, ex-Destiny's End, Helstar, Killing Machine, Malice, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Vicious Rumors)

Chris Allen


Nicki Robson


Stony Grantham


Omar Hayes


Former Members/Guests

Rogue M.


Richie Wicks

vocals (ex-Angel Witch, ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang)

James Daley


Steve Scott

bass (ex-Power Quest)

Russell King


Dave Edwards



Shadow Keep  EP
  1. Dark Tower
  2. Inner Sanctum
  3. Altar of Madness
  4. Cast Out
  5. The Silver Sword
  6. Murder
  • Rogue M.
  • Chris Allen
  • Nicki Robson
  • James Daley
  • Russell King

Corruption Within  
2000 Inside Out
  1. Dark Tower
  2. The Trial Of Your Betrayal
  3. Mark Of The Usurper
  4. Altar Of Madness
  5. Corruption Within
  6. Cast Out
  7. Meta-Morale
  8. The Silver Sword
  9. Death: A New Horizon
  10. Murder
  11. Inner Sanctum
  • Rogue M.
  • Chris Allen
  • Nicki Robson
  • James Daley
  • Dave Edwards

A Chaos Theory  
2002 Inside Out
  1. A distant paradox
  2. Seventeen
  3. Beware the signs
  4. Thorns and a rose
  5. Believe
  6. Atalanta fugiens
  7. A war of principles
  8. Fear and loathing
  9. The kether's syndrome
  10. A crack in the mirror
  11. Chaosgenesis
  12. Lucifer's pastime
  • Rogue M.
  • Chris Allen
  • Nicki Robson
  • Steve Scott
  • Dave Edwards

The Hourglass Effect  
2008 Melissa
  1. Shadowkeep
  2. Incisor
  3. Ten Shades Of Black
  4. Riot On Earth
  5. Six Billion Points Of Light
  6. Waiting For The Call
  7. As The Hourglass Falls
  8. Leviathan Rising
  9. Heart Shaped Stone
  10. With Force We Come
  11. How Many Times Have We Tried To Save The World
  • Richie Wicks
  • Chris Allen
  • Nicki Robson
  • Stony Grantham
  • Omar Hayes

2018 Pure Steel
  1. Atlantis
  2. Guardian of the Sea
  3. Flight Across the Sand
  4. Horse of War
  5. Little Lion
  6. Angels and Omens
  7. Isolation
  8. Never Forgotten
  9. The Sword of Damocles
  10. Immortal Drifter
  11. Minotaur
  • James Rivera
  • Chris Allen
  • Nicki Robson
  • Stony Grantham
  • Omar Hayes

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