Origin: Germany
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Pure Steel Records

Band Album Year
Aska Fire Eater 2013
Axe Witch Out Of The Ashes - Into The Fire 2021
Cloven Hoof Age Of Steel 2020
Custard Infested By Anger 2012
Custard A Realm Of Tales 2017
Custard Imperium Rapax 2021
David Shankle Group Still A Warrior 2015
Destructor Back In Bondage 2016
Destructor Decibel Casualties 2017
Exxplorer Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse 2011
Fatal Embrace Dark Pounding Steel 2006
Ice Vinland Masters Of The Sea 2011
Kat Without Looking Back 2019
Kat The Last Convoy 2020
Kenziner Phoenix 2020
Millennium A New World 2019
New Eden Solving For X 2012
Omen Hammer Damage 2016
Ruthless They Rise 2015
Ruthless Evil Within 2019
Savage Blade We Are The Hammer 2009
Seasons Of The Wolf Seasons Of The Wolf 2009
ShadowKeep ShadowKeep 2018
Skullview Metalkill The World 2010
Sleepy Hollow Skull 13 2012
Space Eater Passing Through The Fire To Molech 2014
Spartan Warrior Hell To Pay 2018
Thrust Harvest Of Souls 2018
Thrust The Helm Of Awe 2020
Trauma Rapture And Wrath 2015
Warrant Ready To Command 2010 2010
Weapon UK Ghosts Of War 2019
Widow Life's Blood 2011
Widow Carved In Stone 2016
Wretch Warriors 2014
Wretch The Hunt 2017
Zandelle Flames Of Rage 2009
Zandelle Shadows Of The Past 2011
Zandelle Perseverance 2015

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