Origin: Belgrade, Serbia  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: March 15, 2011
Last update/review: January 27, 2020

Space Eater

Prime Bay Area thrash from a band who hails thousands of miles from the Bay Area -- that's Serbia's Space Eater in a nutshell. Formed in 2004 and taking their name from a Gamma Ray song, Space Eater went the usual route of demos and lineup shifts, finally debuting on the I Hate label in 2007 and following up three years later on the new StormSpell label in 2010 with Aftershock. Along the way they sadly lost their vocalist and founding member, Bosko Radisic (his vocals remain on the album in tribute), but they're perservering nonetheless. Style-wise, think classic SF bands like Forbidden, Defiance, or Heathen, and while this isn't a strict retro take, it's clearly more a homage to prime thrash rather than the more modern version. The band recorded a followup in 2014 but seem to have since disbanded, with several guys seen in a newer band called Quasarborn.

Last Lineup

Luka Matkovic


Dorde Lukovic


Karlo Testen


Marko Danilovic


Former Members/Guests

Bosko Radisic

vocals RIP: June 3, 2009, burned in a fire, age 28

Stanislav Sarsanski


Nemanja Pavlovic


Vladimir Bogdanovic



Merciful Angel  
2007 I Hate
  2. Bombs Away
  3. Overkill
  4. Deceitful Eyes
  5. The One
  6. Afterlife
  7. Death From Below
  8. Operaphobia
  9. Merciful Angel
  10. Space Eater
  • Bosko Radisic
  • Stanislav Sarsanski
  • Nemanja Pavlovic
  • Karlo Testen
  • Vladimir Bogdanovic

2010 StormSpell
  1. Say Your Prayers
  2. Abort
  3. Divide & Conquer
  4. Up On These Shores
  5. FAA
  6. Quantum Leap
  7. No Retreat
  8. Crush, Kill, Destroy
  9. Anti-Psychiatry
  10. Relationshit
  • Bosko Radisic
  • Luka Matkovic
  • Nemanja Pavlovic
  • Karlo Testen
  • Marko Danilovic

Passing Through The Fire To Molech  
2014 Pure Steel
  1. Unjagged
  2. Passing Through the Fire to Molech
  3. Daisy Cutter
  4. P.O.W.
  5. Ninja Assassin
  6. A Thousand Plagues
  7. Exhibition of Humanity
  8. Ultra-Violence
  9. Medea
  10. In Hospital
  • Luka Matkovic
  • Dorde Lukovic
  • Karlo Testen
  • Marko Danilovic

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