Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: November 16, 2015


Ruthless debuted on the infamous indie label Iron Works with their Metal Without Mercy EP in 1984, and then recorded their (until recently) sole full-length album, Discipline Of Steel, two years later. This was classic 80's pre-thrash metal, certainly not the most original of bands (the song titles kind of give that away), but enjoyable in its time. Almost thirty years later (!), the band released They Rise in 2015.

Current Members

Sammy DeJohn


Ken McGee


Chris Westfall


Sandy Vasquez


Joe Aghassi


Former Members/Guests

Rollen Legman


Steve Tzz


Dave Watson

guitars (ex-Hirax)

Jack Black


Mark McGee

bass (ex-Vicious Rumors)

Todd Billings


Bryant Scott


Jason VanSlyke



Metal Without Mercy  EP
1984 Iron Works
  1. Gates Of Hell
  2. Metal Without Mercy
  3. Bury The Axe
  4. The Fever
  5. Mass Killer
  • Sammy DeJohn
  • Ken McGee
  • Rollen Legman
  • Jack Black
  • Todd Billings

Discipline Of Steel  
1986 Axe Killer
  1. Discipline Of Steel
  2. Ancient Warrior
  3. Know No Evil
  4. Look Out
  5. Sign Of The Cross
  6. Another Day In Hell
  7. Raiders Of The Night
  8. Hardcore
  9. Run For Your Life
  10. The Message
  • Sammy DeJohn
  • Ken McGee
  • Steve Tzz
  • Jack Black
  • Bryant Scott

They Rise  
2015 Pure Steel
  1. Defender
  2. Laceration
  3. They Rise
  4. Circle of Trust
  5. Hang Man
  6. Time Waits
  7. Out of the Ashes
  8. Frustration
  9. Systematic Terror
  10. Gates of Hell
  11. Metal Without Mercy
  12. Bury the Axe
  13. The Fever
  14. Mass Killer
  • Sammy DeJohn
  • Ken McGee
  • Dave Watson
  • Mark McGee
  • Jason VanSlyke

Evil Within  
2019 Pure Steel
  1. Storm of Souls
  2. Atrocities
  3. In Blood
  4. Evil Within
  5. Fear Never Sleeps
  6. Skulls
  7. Death March
  8. The Brotherhood
  9. Cryptic Ruins
  • Sammy DeJohn
  • Ken McGee
  • Chris Westfall
  • Sandy Vasquez
  • Joe Aghassi

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