Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: October 1, 2022


Trauma is notable mainly for being the early band of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. The band (with Burton) appeared on Metal Massacre II in 1982 but by the time of their debut album, Cliff had already been recruited away. That album, Scratch And Scream, was passable early 80's pre-thrash metal at best, and the band disappeared soon afterward. In 2013 the band, led by two core members from the old days, came back into being, and a new album was released in 2015.

Current Members

Brian Allen

vocals (Vicious Rumors)

Joe Fraulob


Steve Robello

guitars (Dublin Death Patrol)

Greg Christian

bass (ex-HavocHate, ex-Testament, guest for Vicious Rumors)

Kris Gustafson


Former Members/Guests

Donny Hillier

vocals RIP: September 28, 2020, lung cancer

Ross Alexander

lead guitar

Michael Overton

rhythm guitar

Kurt Fry


Cliff Burton

bass (ex-Metallica) RIP: September 27, 1986, tour bus accident, age 24

Lucas Advincula


Marcel Eaton



Scratch And Scream  
1984 Shrapnel
  1. The Day All Hell Broke Loose
  2. Bringin' The House Down
  3. I Kill For Less
  4. Scratch And Scream
  5. The Warlock
  6. Lay Low
  7. In The End
  8. We Are Watching You
  9. The Flight Of The Raven
  • Donny Hillier
  • Ross Alexander
  • Michael Overton
  • Lucas Advincula
  • Kris Gustafson

Rapture And Wrath  
2015 Pure Steel
  1. Heart of Stone
  2. When I Die
  3. The Long Way Home
  4. Pain
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. Kingdom Come
  7. Egypt
  8. Under the Lights
  9. Don't Tread on Me
  10. Too Late
  • Donny Hillier
  • Kurt Fry
  • Marcel Eaton
  • Kris Gustafson

As The World Dies  
2018 The Orchard
  1. The Rage
  2. From Here to Hell
  3. As the World Dies
  4. Gun to Your Head
  5. Last Rites
  6. Run for Cover
  7. Asylum
  8. Entropy
  9. Cool Aid
  10. Savage
  • Donny Hillier
  • Joe Fraulob
  • Steve Robello
  • Greg Christian
  • Kris Gustafson

2022 Massacre
  1. Walk Away
  2. Ted Talks
  3. Death of the Angel
  4. Meat
  5. The River Red
  6. Burn
  7. Falling Down
  8. Voodoo
  9. End of Everything
  10. Blind
  11. Death Machine
  • Brian Allen
  • Joe Fraulob
  • Steve Robello
  • Greg Christian
  • Kris Gustafson

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