Origin: Dublin, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: June 28, 2007
Last update/review: August 20, 2012

Dublin Death Patrol

This supergroup/project debuted in 2007, but its history goes back many years prior. Fronted by two of the Bay Area's most well-known vocalists in Testament's Chuck Billy and Exodus's Steve Souza and featuring several friends and relatives (two are brothers of Chuck, and another is Steve's brother), the first seeds of Dublin Death Patrol were sown in the early 80's in their Bay Area hometown (that's Dublin, California, not Ireland!) in a band called Rampage. That band never went anywhere, but even after Chuck Billy went to Testament and Willy Lange joined Laaz Rockit, the memories of Rampage never faded, and so years later the idea came about to round up the gang and see what might develop. And so the Dublin Death Patrol, an concept for so long, became an official band, recording DDP 4 Life in 2007. Not surprisingly, thrash is the order of the day here, but not a tired rehash of old ideas, as these guys sound fresh and invigorated, and of course you can't go wrong with Souza and Billy as co-vocalists. Proof positive that thrash is still a vibrant metal genre. A second album was released in 2012.

Current Members

Chuck Billy

vocals (Testament)

Steve Souza

vocals (Exodus, ex-Hatriot, ex-Tenet)

Andy Billy


Greg Bustamonte


Steve Robello

guitars (Trauma)

Danny Cunningham


Former Members/Guests

John Hartsinck


Willy Langenhuizen

bass (Laaz Rockit) RIP: October 23, 2018, motorcycle accident, age 57

Eddie Billy


John Souza


Troy Luccketta



DDP 4 Life  
2007 Godfodder
  1. R.I.P.
  2. Unnatural Causes
  3. Mentally Unstable
  4. Pigs in the Hollow
  5. DDP for Life
  6. Sid Vicious
  7. Iron Fist
  8. Cold Sweat
  9. Lights Out
  10. Trail of the Executioner
  11. Devil in Disguise
  12. Corruption
  13. Central Pomo Indian Songs
  • Chuck Billy
  • Steve Souza
  • Andy Billy
  • Greg Bustamonte
  • John Hartsinck
  • Steve Robello
  • Willy Langenhuizen
  • Eddie Billy
  • John Souza
  • Danny Cunningham
  • Troy Luccketta
2007 Readers' Album #86

Death Sentence  
2012 Massacre
  1. Mind Sewn Shut
  2. Dehumanize
  3. Blood Sirens
  4. Broken
  5. Welcome to Hell
  6. Conquer and Divide
  7. Death Toll Rising
  8. My Riot
  9. Macabre Candor
  10. Butcher Baby (Plasmatics cover)
  • Chuck Billy
  • Steve Souza
  • Andy Billy
  • Greg Bustamonte
  • Steve Robello
  • Willy Langenhuizen
  • Danny Cunningham
2012 Readers' Album #62

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