Origin: Portugal  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: February 24, 2006
Last update/review: January 7, 2024


Founded in 1995 as a one-man project by Tann (though their first album wasn't until 2002, and in fact they didn't play live until 2004), Ironsword is essentially a poor man's Manilla Road, particularly given Tann's gruff vocals that are eerily similar to Mark Shelton's. Musically, too, Manilla Road is a soundalike (particularly that band's earlier works), though Ironsword is less prone to the drawn-out epics and usually stick to shorter, more traditional metal song structures (the band themselves name their inspiration from bands such as Cirith Ungol and Brocas Helm, as well as Manilla Road). Clearly this band isn't about to change the face of metal, but it's nice to hear a retro band that doesn't draw from the same old influences (i.e. Euro speed/power metal).

Recent album: Underground, released on December 8, 2023.

Current Members

João Fonseca


Phil Ross

bass (ex-Manilla Road)

Andreas Neuderth

drums (ex-Manilla Road, ex-Masters Of Disguise)

Former Members/Guests

Axemaster (Victor)

bass (Farscape)

Rick Thor


Jorge Martins


Hammer (Ricardo)


Arrno Maalm (Beto Arrais)


João Monteiro

drums RIP: February 14, 2023, liver cancer, age 46


2002 Miskatonic
  1. Intro
  2. March On
  3. King Of All Kings
  4. Legions
  5. Under The Flag Of Rome
  6. Into The Arena
  7. Ancient Sword Of The Dead
  8. Call Of Doom
  9. Guardians
  10. Burning Metal
  11. Outro
  • João Fonseca
  • Axemaster
  • Hammer

Return Of The Warrior  
2004 Miskatonic
  1. Ironsword
  2. Beginning of the End
  3. First Masters
  4. Return of the Warrior
  5. Brothers of the Blade
  6. Nemedian Chronicles
  7. Way of the Barbarian
  8. Dragons of the Sea
  9. The Wench
  10. War Hymn
  11. Death or Glory
  12. Let the Titans Collide
  • João Fonseca
  • Rick Thor
  • Arrno Maalm

Overlords Of Chaos  
2008 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Death Of The Gods
  2. And Ending In Fire
  3. Overlords Of Chaos
  4. Blood And Honor
  5. Cimmeria
  6. Wrath Of Crom
  7. Hyperborean Hordes
  8. Road Warriors
  9. Fear The Night
  10. Dark Shadows Of Stygia
  11. Crown Of Iron
  12. Call Of Cthulu
  13. The Pyre Of Kings
  • João Fonseca
  • Rick Thor
  • Arrno Maalm

None But The Brave  
2015 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Forging the Sword
  2. Kings of the Night
  3. Calm Before the Storm
  4. None But the Brave
  5. Ring of Fire
  6. Betrayer
  7. The Usurper
  8. Army of Darkness
  9. Vengeance Will Be Mine
  10. Cursed and Damned
  11. Eye for an Eye
  12. The Shadow Kingdom
  • João Fonseca
  • Jorge Martins
  • João Monteiro

In The Coils Of Set  EP
2019 Alma Mater
  1. In the Coils of Set
  2. Disciples
  3. Fallen Brothers
  • João Fonseca
  • Jorge Martins
  • João Monteiro

Servants Of Steel  
2020 Alma Mater
  1. Hyborian Scrolls
  2. Rogues in the House
  3. Upon the Throne
  4. Tower of the Elephant
  5. In the Coils of Set
  6. Red Nails
  7. Gods of the North
  8. Son of Crom
  9. Keepers of the Crypt
  10. Black Colossus
  11. Isle of the Damned
  12. Servants of Steel
  • João Fonseca
  • Jorge Martins
  • João Monteiro

Underground  EP
2023 Alma Mater
  1. Underground
  2. A Witch Shall Be Born
  3. The Tree of Woe
  4. Tombs of Eternity

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