Origin: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: September 26, 2009
Last update/review: September 26, 2009


Alas, no relation to the classic science fiction TV series, this Farscape is a Brazilian retro thrash band, opting for a rough, basic Germanic style a la old Sodom. There's not a lot of originality in the music, and the band do themselves no favors on the other fronts either, with clich├ęd song titles and member names like SkullKrusher and WhipStriker. One might be tempted to give them time, but they've been around for a decade, so they're unlikely to branch out. So, not the most essential of thrash bands (particularly during these days when retro thrash bands abound), but one could do worse.

Current Members

Witchcaptor (Leonardo)


Poisonhell (Victor)

guitars (ex-Ironsword)

Whipstriker (Victor Vasconcellos)


Skullkrusher (Pedro Moraes Rocha)



Demon's Massacre  
2003 Dark Sun
  1. Demon's Massacre
  2. Assassin
  3. Doctrine Sickness
  4. Hatebreed
  5. Unholy Cross
  6. Violent Sacrifice
  7. Funeral Lust
  8. Carrasco do Metal
  9. No Remorse To Kill
  10. Sacrifice
  • Witchcaptor
  • Poisonhell
  • Whipstriker
  • Skullkrusher

Killers On The Loose  
2006 Unsilent
  1. Under The Loudness
  2. Thrash Until You Drop
  3. Killers On The Loose
  4. Captors Of Hate
  5. Celebrate My Death
  6. Bizarre Sex Machine
  7. Wild Rocker
  8. Mutilation
  • Witchcaptor
  • Poisonhell
  • Whipstriker
  • Skullkrusher

For Those Who Love To Kill  COMPILATION
  1. Mercenary Love's House
  2. Billy the Butcher
  3. Church of Golden Lies
  4. Politicians (The Exploited cover)
  5. Thrash Until You Drop
  6. Electric Fist
  7. 666 on Your Grave
  8. Doctrine Sickness
  9. Hatebreeder
  10. Captivity of Souls
  11. Bizarre Sex Machine
  12. Eternal Suffering of Flesh
  13. Killers on the Stage

Deliver Us To Hell  EP

Primitive Blitzkrieg  
  1. Palace of Bones
  2. Fallen Household
  3. Behind the Sweet Mask
  4. Morbid Convent
  5. Sucked into Another Reallity
  6. Homicidal Explosion
  7. Dr. Death
  8. Night Tripper
  9. Primitive Blitzkrieg
  • Witchcaptor
  • Poisonhell
  • Whipstriker
  • Skullkrusher

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