Origin: Helsinki, Finland  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: April 22, 2017
Last update/review: September 18, 2017

Cardinals Folly

This Finnish trio started out in 2004 as The Coven, releasing a couple of indie EPs before switching name to the more interesting Cardinals Folly. A couple more EPs ensued before Shadow Kingdom Records swooped in and signed them up. The band make no bones about their style, sticking to true 80's-inspired doom metal, They get compared to their countrymen Reverend Bizarre quite a bit, which isn't far off the mark, one might throw out bands like Cathedral and (inevitably) Candlemass as influences/occasional soundalikes as well.

Current Members

Mikko Kääriäinen


Juho Kilpelä


Joni Takkunen


Former Members/Guests

Jyri Lustig


Sami Rautio


Sebastian Lindberg



Heretic's Hangover  EP
  1. Intro
  2. Right Hand of Doom
  3. Rasputin (The Mad Monk)
  4. Uncharted Seas
  • Mikko Kääriäinen
  • Jyri Lustig
  • Sebastian Lindberg

Orthodox Faces  EP
  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Blood Axis Raiders
  3. Cardinals Folly
  4. They Found Atlantis
  • Mikko Kääriäinen
  • Jyri Lustig
  • Sebastian Lindberg

Such Power Is Dangerous!  
2011 Shadow Kingdom
  1. The Hammer Speaks
  2. Such Power Is Dangerous!
  3. Valkyries I Avenge
  4. The Spear of Destiny
  5. Antediluvian Dreams
  6. Uncharted Seas
  7. The Secret War
  • Mikko Kääriäinen
  • Sami Rautio
  • Sebastian Lindberg

Strange Conflicts Of The Past  COMPILATION
2013 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Intro
  2. Right Hand of Doom
  3. Rasputin (The Mad Monk)
  4. Serpent Nights
  5. Opening Ceremony
  6. Blood Axis Raiders
  7. Cardinals Folly
  8. They Found Atlantis
  9. The Model (Kraftwerk cover)
  10. Transmission from the Mad Arab

Our Cult Continues!  
2014 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Chant of Shadows
  2. Morbid Glory
  3. The Black Baroness
  4. Our Cult Continues!
  5. Sighisoaran
  6. Walvater Unveiled
  7. The Lover's Crypt
  8. Fallout Ritualist
  • Mikko Kääriäinen
  • Juho Kilpelä
  • Sebastian Lindberg

Holocaust Of Ecstasy And Freedom  
2016 Shadow Kingdom
  1. The Poison Test
  2. Goats on the Left
  3. Her Twins of Evil
  4. Nocturnal Zeal (Winter Orgy)
  5. Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom
  6. Psychomania
  7. La Papesse
  • Mikko Kääriäinen
  • Juho Kilpelä
  • Joni Takkunen

Deranged Pagan Sons  
2017 Nine
  1. Worship Her Fire
  2. Dionysian
  3. Deranged Pagan Sons
  4. The Island Where Time Stands Still
  5. Three-Bladed Doom
  6. Suicide Commando
  7. I Belong in the Woods
  8. Secret of the Runes
  • Mikko Kääriäinen
  • Juho Kilpelä
  • Joni Takkunen

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