Origin: Louisville, ky, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: December 6, 2019
Last update/review: December 6, 2019

Savage Master

This is one of those "you CAN judge a book by its cover" bands. The band name, album title, artwork, and song titles all scream 80's metal worship, and that's precisely what this Kentucky band deliver. Even the production points squarely to 1983, well before the current trend of over-producing and compressing the songs. Visually you've got vocalist Stacey Peak channeling her inner Betsy Bitch, yet another nod to the simplistic glory that was early 80's Metal Blade-approved metal. So, absolutely no surprises here, but for those who just can't get enough of that bygone era, Savage Master will do the trick.

Current Members

Stacey Peak


Larry Myers


Adam Neal


John Littlejohn


Former Members/Guests

Steve Curtsinger

bass (ex-Bride)

Brandon Brown


Eric McManus


Zach Harris



Mask Of The Devil  
  1. Blood on the Rose
  2. The Mystifying Oracle
  3. Mask of the Devil
  4. The Ripper in Black
  5. Kill Without Warning
  6. Marry the Wolf
  7. Altar of Lust
  8. Death Rides the Highway
  • Stacey Peak
  • Larry Myers
  • Adam Neal
  • Steve Curtsinger
  • Eric McManus

Black Hooves  EP
2015 High Roller
  1. Black Hooves
  2. Swords And Tequila
  • Stacey Peak
  • Larry Myers
  • Adam Neal
  • Brandon Brown
  • Zach Harris

With Whips And Chains  
2016 High Roller
  1. Call of the Master
  2. Dark Light of the Moon
  3. With Whips and Chains
  4. Path of the Necromancer
  5. Vengeance Is Steel
  6. Looking for a Sacrifice
  7. Satan's Crown
  8. Burned at the Stake
  9. Black Hooves
  10. Ready to Sin
  • Stacey Peak
  • Larry Myers
  • Adam Neal
  • Brandon Brown
  • Zach Harris

Creature Of The Flames  EP
2017 Skol
  1. Child of the Witch
  2. Burning Leather
  3. Dark Enchantress
  4. Creature of the Flames
  5. Death or Glory (Holocaust cover)
  • Stacey Peak
  • Larry Myers
  • Adam Neal
  • Brandon Brown
  • John Littlejohn

Myth, Magic And Steel  
2019 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Myth, Magic and Steel
  2. The Devil's Ecstasy
  3. The Owl
  4. Flyer in the Night
  5. Crystal Gazer
  6. Lady of Steel
  7. High Priestess
  8. Far Beyond the Grave
  9. Warrior vs Dragon
  • Stacey Peak
  • Larry Myers
  • Adam Neal
  • John Littlejohn

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