Origin: N. Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: January 17, 2017

Digital Ruin

Digital Ruin released two impressive albums in 1997 and 2000, both both melodic progressive metal albums in the mold of early-mid-period Queensryche, though with plenty of individuality to help them avoid the clone tag. Both albums received some fine reviews and the band appeared to be on the rise in the prog metal field, but following the release of Dwelling In The Out, musical style changes and member departures eventually led to the band's breakup.

Last Lineup

Matthew Pacheco


Dave Souza


Michael Keegan


Timothy Hart


Former Members/Guests

Joe Sawyer



1997 independent
  1. January 27, 2019
  2. Of The Hand
  3. Becoming
  4. Pieces Of Me
  5. In The Mirror
  6. The Message
  7. Their Secrets
  8. AM
  9. Escape
  10. Within
  11. Listen
  12. It's Only Me
  13. Revelation
  • Matthew Pacheco
  • Dave Souza
  • Joe Sawyer
  • Michael Keegan
  • Timothy Hart

Dwelling In The Out  
2000 Inside Out
  1. Living For Yesterday
  2. Darkest Day
  3. Dwelling In The Out
  4. The Forgotten
  5. Adrift
  6. Night Falls Forever
  7. Machine Cage
  8. Letting Go
  9. The Agony Column
  10. Along The Way
  • Matthew Pacheco
  • Dave Souza
  • Michael Keegan
  • Timothy Hart

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