Origin: Pohjanmaa, Finland  
Genres: Power Metal, Progressive Metal
Page online: February 9, 2010
Last update/review: October 17, 2015

Cain's Offering

Cain's Offering was formed in 2009 by guitarist Jani Liimatainen after his departure from Sonata Arctica. On board is an impressive array of musicians, most notably Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto and well-travelled keyboardist Jens Johansson. The style here is not a surprise given the two aforementioned bands, as this is solidly in the melodic power/progressive metal category, all glossy, melodic (even poppy at times) and airy, with plenty of keyboard/guitar interplay and catchy melodies. Everyone here puts on a solid performance, and of course the production is as pristine as one would expect. Two albums in, this band is clearly not reinventing metal at all, but the market for this style of music remains strong.

Current Members

Timo Kotipelto

vocals (Stratovarius)

Jani Liimatainen

guitars/keyboards/backing vocals (ex-Sonata Arctica)

Jonas Kuhlberg


Jens Johansson

keyboards (ex-Dio, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Mastermind, ex-Rainbow, ex-Silver Mountain, Stratovarius)

Jani Hurula


Former Members/Guests

Jukka Koskinen

bass (Nightwish, ex-Norther, Wintersun)

Mikko Härkin

keyboards (ex-Kenziner, guest for Solution .45, ex-Sonata Arctica)


Gather The Faithful  
2009 Marquee
  1. My Queen of Winter
  2. More Than Friends
  3. Oceans of Regret
  4. Gather the Faithful
  5. Into the Blue
  6. Dawn of Solace
  7. Thorn in My Side
  8. Morpheus in a Masquerade
  9. Stolen Waters
  10. Elegantly Broken
  • Timo Kotipelto
  • Jani Liimatainen
  • Jukka Koskinen
  • Mikko Härkin
  • Jani Hurula

2009 Frontiers
  1. Stormcrow
  2. The Best of Times
  3. A Night to Forget
  4. I Will Build You a Rome
  5. Too Tired to Run
  6. Constellation of Tears
  7. Antemortem
  8. My Heart Beats for No One
  9. I Am Legion
  10. Rising Sun
  11. On the Shore
  • Timo Kotipelto
  • Jani Liimatainen
  • Jonas Kuhlberg
  • Jens Johansson
  • Jani Hurula

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