Origin: France  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: September 12, 2007


For reasons unknown, France hasn't really produced a lot of well-known progressive metal bands in the last several years. Either the genre simply isn't very popular there, or perhaps the country is teeming with bands that are completely unheard of outside their borders. In the field of French bands that sound like Dream Theater, then, Syrinx pretty much stands alone. Crystal Cliffs, the band's sole album released in 2000, isn't really a Dream Theater clone, though occasionally a strong resemblance is heard (the intro to "New Old World", for example). Rather, the focus is on energetic, complex metal, somewhat like an heavier version of early DT. The vocalist is one of those like-him-or-hate-him types, as he has quite a range and isn't afraid to go for the very high notes, though at times the screams are just a tad too much. Nonetheless, there is a youthful exuberance mixed in with the excellent musicianship, and as a result Crystal Cliffs grows a bit on successive listens. This seemed to be a promising start to a long career, but the band soon disappeared from sight and broke up some time later.

Last Lineup

Henri Ebeyer


Xavier Richez


Jean-Charles Ciffreo


Serge Santaliestra


Lahouari Belarbi



Crystal Cliffs  
2000 Season Of Mist
  1. New Old World
  2. Frozen Tears
  3. Surge of Anger
  4. In My Mind
  5. Hollow Promises
  6. Confessions
  7. Nightmare of War
  8. Valley of Fate
  9. Crystal Cliffs
  10. At Dawn

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