Origin: Switzerland  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: September 3, 2002

Calhoun Conquer

Calhoun Conquer reminded me a bit of Mekong Delta -- they played thrash metal with progressive overtones, though they weren't quite as complex as MD, nor did they have the classical influences. Two of the members are listed as "percussion and drumcomputer", so I guess they had no real drummer, though I never would have been able to tell the difference. Lost In Oneself is a unique and interesting album, but apparently band never recorded again.

Last Lineup

Geri Christian Gerling


Chris Muzik


Stefan Gerling



And Now You're Gone  EP
1987 Chainsaw
  • Geri Christian Gerling
  • Stefan Gerling

Lost In Oneself  
1989 Aaarrg
  1. Disgust And Hate
  2. Fuckhead
  3. You Mean Nothing
  4. Torturer
  5. Portals Of Delirium
  6. Psycho Trap
  7. Nothing (Has Killed Itself)
  8. Outermost COnsequences
  9. Worlds In Collision
  10. Bonus Track: Diane
  • Geri Christian Gerling
  • Chris Muzik
  • Stefan Gerling

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