Origin: Russia  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Death Metal
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Page online: May 10, 2007
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Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch (named after the 15th century Dutch painter) was a Russian band that came into being in 1993. By 1995 their debut album, The Human Abstract, was recorded, but it would be several years before the group got back on track due to various issues within the band, including but not limited to their leader temporarily leaving the band as well as the unfortunate death of their original drummer. A new lineup stabilized in 2004 and a year later Artificial Emotions was released. HB's style on Emotions is an adventurous, progressive take on death metal, with plenty of flashy technical musicianship and choppy riffing to satisfy the technical death metal fans out there. The songwriting is somewhat disjointed, which is typical for this subgenre, as simplistic singalong tunes is hardly the focus for such bands. A final third album, Equivoke, was put out in 2008, and the band broke up two years later.

Last Lineup

Vsevolod Gorbenko


Vladimir Leiviman


Vadim Orlov


Mikhail Sorokin


Former Members/Guests

Viacheslav Molchanov


Pavel Bogoroditsky

drums RIP: July 1998, heroin overdose, age 21

Andrey Ischenko



The Human Abstract  
  1. The Apogee
  2. Through Racism Forms
  3. Petra Scandali
  4. Black Lake Blues
  5. The Human Abstract
  6. Mental Perfection
  7. The Gardens of Earthly Delight
  8. Doubt Soul
  9. Expectation of Autumn (In Memorium Kat D) (Outro)
  • Vsevolod Gorbenko
  • Vladimir Leiviman
  • Viacheslav Molchanov
  • Pavel Bogoroditsky

Artificial Emotions  
2005 CD-Maximum
  1. Interference
  2. Third Half
  3. Nodus
  4. Escape from Primitivity
  5. Tired Eyes
  6. Blind Windows Stare
  7. Dew Swimmer
  8. Practical Criticism
  9. Whispers in Bedlam
  10. Heartbeat Seismology
  • Vsevolod Gorbenko
  • Vladimir Leiviman
  • Vadim Orlov
  • Andrey Ischenko

2008 CD-Maximum
  1. Zero On A Dice
  2. Fingerprint Labyrinth
  3. Monad Hecatomb
  4. Forlorn Luminary
  5. Stones And Stocks
  6. Tracer Bullet Falling Star
  7. Scrupulum
  8. Broke
  9. Scoffer Tragedian
  10. The Mime
  • Vsevolod Gorbenko
  • Vladimir Leiviman
  • Vadim Orlov
  • Mikhail Sorokin

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