Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: February 16, 2002


Braindance was once described by someone (possibly themselves) as "cinematic-neuromantic progressive new age gothic metal fusion", quite a lofty description. More recently they have promoted themselves as "progressive darkwave", a term which, after one listen to their latest album Redemption, fits surprisingly well. Braindance is a progressive band, but they don't sound a lot like other progressive bands, and there is a darkness to their style that is quite appealing. Sabastian Elliot's baritone vocals are the main selling point, with his unique and forceful style, but Vora Vor's impressive guitar work also deserves accolades (the band is now officially a duo, though session players, including past members, helped on the recording). This band is truly walking their own path, as they really don't sound like anyone else at all. Excellent stuff.

Current Members

Sebastian Elliot


Vora Vor

guitars/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

Eiki Matsumoto


Andrew Bunk


Robynne Naylor



drums/backing vocals


Shadows  EP
1994 independent
  • Sebastian Elliot
  • Vora Vor
  • Eiki Matsumoto
  • Notorious

Fear Itself  
1995 independent
  1. To The Threshold Of Dream
  2. From Whence It Came
  3. Fear Itself
  4. Voices Are Calling
  5. Compound Fracture
  6. Only A Moment
  7. Emergence
  8. A Storm Is Rising
  9. Crime & Punishment
  10. One
  11. Ice
  • Sebastian Elliot
  • Vora Vor
  • Eiki Matsumoto
  • Robynne Naylor
  • Notorious

2001 independent
  1. Refracture
  2. Resurrection
  3. Resurgence
  4. Return
  5. Relentless
  6. Reduction
  7. Resilience
  8. Requiem
  9. Reflexion
  10. Redemption
  • Sebastian Elliot
  • Vora Vor
  • Andrew Bunk
  • Robynne Naylor

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