Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: October 19, 2004


Mayadome played classic progressive metal, along the lines of (who else) Dream Theater (it seems obligatory to add that they aren't a DT clone, but just a prog metal band in that style). The vocals aren't quite as melodic or high-pitched as most bands in this genre, but they fit the band well. The drumming in particular stands out as quite proficient, though the musicianship and songwriting is exceptional all around. The group disbanded in November of 2001 due to contractual and personal differences, but two members later surfaced in Loch Vostok.

Last Lineup

Bassel Elharbiti


Fredrik Kjörling


Erik Grandin


Sebastian Okupski

keyboards (ex-Loch Vostok)

Teddy Möller

drums (ex-F.K.U., Loch Vostok, Wuthering Heights)

Former Members/Guests

Björn Holmquist


Jonas Hägg



Paranormal Activity  
1996 Shrapnel
  1. Wait A Minute
  2. Mindache
  3. Primal Secrets
  4. Paranormal Activity
  5. Trifles
  6. Mercenary
  7. New Ways Of Experience
  8. Lost Breath
  9. Nucleus Reflex
  10. Copper Colored
  • Björn Holmquist
  • Fredrik Kjörling
  • Erik Grandin
  • Jonas Hägg
  • Teddy Möller

Near Life Experience  
1999 Siegen
  1. Restorepair
  2. Scent Of Lilac
  3. Praise Me For I Have Sinned
  4. Able To Feel
  5. Pride Painted Grey
  6. Angina Closing In
  7. Near Life Experience
  • Bassel Elharbiti
  • Fredrik Kjörling
  • Erik Grandin
  • Sebastian Okupski
  • Teddy Möller

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