Origin: Helsinki, Finland  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: January 27, 2012
Last update/review: January 27, 2012


Finnish thrashers Antidote formed in 1986 and toiled for several years before releasing a couple of demos and then finally debuting in 1992 with The Truth. While the album, an adventurous and inventive thrash affair, is quite good, the band seemed to miss the thrash bandwagon, either by time (even by 1992 the style was losing its lustre) or even by origin (apart from maybe Airdash and Stone, Finland wasn't a hotbed for the genre). They managed two more albums in the mid-nineties before packing it in, with two core members later seen in the much different Thunderstone.

Last Lineup

Nino Laurenne

vocals/guitars (Thunderstone)

Pete Eloranta


Titus Hjelm

bass (Thunderstone)

Mikael Arnkil

drums (Impaled Nazarene)

Former Members/Guests

Tuomo Louhio

guitars (ex-Impaled Nazarene)

Pete Peltonen



The Truth  
1992 Shark
  1. Symphony Of Death
  2. Within His Power
  3. Act Of Violence
  4. Melancholia
  5. 3rd Time In Greenland
  6. Rosemachine
  7. Grandiloguent Passaway
  8. Subordinated People
  9. Spaced Out
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Tuomo Louhio
  • Pete Peltonen
  • Mikael Arnkil

1994 Shark
  1. Cold
  2. Woe Betide Them
  3. Life For A Lie
  4. Rain
  5. Multiverse
  6. My Million Years
  7. You Medicate
  8. Slowmotion
  9. Life Recall
  10. Into The Dreamside
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Tuomo Louhio
  • Pete Peltonen
  • Mikael Arnkil

Mind Alive  
1996 Bluelight
  1. The Mind Alive
  2. Fall From Disgrace
  3. The Aggressor Within
  4. Icon Of Hate
  5. Dying To Be Dead
  6. Wallow In Vice
  7. Bridges ()
  8. In The Land Of Nod
  9. Masked Dance
  10. Attitude
  11. Books Of The Moon
  • Nino Laurenne
  • Pete Eloranta
  • Titus Hjelm
  • Mikael Arnkil

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