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Last update/review: April 16, 2021

Apollyon Sun

Apollyon Sun was Tom Warrior's first post- Celtic Frost bands, formed in 1995 after the initial breakup of Frost. Just as Celtic Frost retained some of Tom's previus band (Hellhammer) while transforming into something different, so did Apollyon Sun keep a bit of the Celtic Frost style while branching into something quite unique. Sub, the band's only full-length release from 2000, featured a distinct mixing of styles, melding classic Frost guitars and vocals (though other vocal styles are evident) with industrial influences, sampling, and a variety of interesting drum beats from Coroner' Marky Edelmann. There seemed to be potential for a new direction here, but soon enough Celtic Frost regrouped around 2001 and Tom focused his efforts there, finally announcing in 2007 that Apollyon Sun was finished.

Last Lineup

Thomas G. Fischer

vocals/guitars (ex-Celtic Frost, ex-Hellhammer, Triptykon)

Erol Unala

guitars (ex-Celtic Frost)

Dany Zingg


Donovan Szypura


Marky Edelmann

drums (ex-Coroner)

Former Members/Guests

Roger Muller



God Leaves (And Dies)  EP
1998 independent
  1. God Leaves
  2. Reefer Boy
  3. The Cane
  4. Concrete Satan
  5. Bedlam And Blind
  • Thomas G. Fischer
  • Erol Unala
  • Dany Zingg
  • Roger Muller
  • Marky Edelmann

2000 Mayan
  1. Dweller
  2. Reefer Boy
  3. Feeder
  4. Messiah [Second Coming]
  5. Naked Underground
  6. Slender
  7. Human III
  8. R.U.M.
  9. Mother Misplaced
  10. Concrete Satan
  • Thomas G. Fischer
  • Erol Unala
  • Dany Zingg
  • Donovan Szypura
  • Marky Edelmann

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