Origin: Dallas, Texas, USA  
Genres: Sludge Metal
Last update/review: July 16, 2017

Archie Bunker

Named for the infamous character on the 70's TV show All In The Family, Archie Bunker's sole album displayed a prototypical NOLA-style sludge metal style, with aggressive downtuned riffing and hardcore-ish vocals, perhaps along the lines of prime Crowbar. As of October 2001 they were reported as broken up, though it's not clear exactly when the split became official.

Last Lineup

Ben Smith


Kevin Bradford


Miguel Saldana


Henry Vasquez

drums (ex-Sourvein, St. Vitus)


Lucky 13  
1997 Brainticket
  1. Better Tomorrow
  2. Miss
  3. Born to Lose
  4. Idiot
  5. Smooth Lines
  6. Old Grow
  7. Leave It Alone
  8. Make Nice
  9. Red Eyes
  10. Therapist
  11. Postal
  12. I Said
  • Ben Smith
  • Kevin Bradford
  • Miguel Saldana
  • Henry Vasquez

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