Sludge Metal

Acid Bath Dvne Kylesa Stomach Earth
Acid Witch Eyehategod Lakei SubRosa
Amenra Graveyard Rodeo Law Of The Tongue Sunnata
Archie Bunker Greenmachine Lord Mantis Superjoint
The Atlas Moth Grief Mantar Superjoint Ritual
Baroness Helms Alee Melvins Teeth Of The Hydra
Bison B.C. Howl Nailbomb Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine
Blindead Immortal Bird The Otolith Terminus
Bongzilla Inter Arma Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Thee Plague Of Gentlemen
Buzzov.en Iron Monkey Primitive Man Tombs
Coffins Kalas Raging Speedhorn Tungsten
Crowbar Khôrada Rwake Unearthly Trance
Die Like Gentlemen King Woman Soilent Green Valume Nob
Dopethrone Kingdom Of Sorrow Sourvein Zoroaster
Down Kongh Squalus  

Active bands are in bold.

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