Origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
Page online: May 6, 2015
Last update/review: October 1, 2022

Acid Witch

Acid Witch are an enigmatic, low-profile oddity from Michigan, who've got an interesting style on their 2008 debut, the wonderfully entitled Witchtanic Hellucinations. With a title like that, let's go with "psychedelic death doom" as a description of their sound, as this features downtuned, sludgey, simplistic riffs, very low death growls, and a healthy dose of spacey, drug-infused trippiness in the form of keyboard or guitar effects. The tempo rarely gets above midpace, usually wallowing in the slower doom speed. It's actually pretty cool, though pretty much the same throughout the album. Definitive lineup information (as well as detailed info about the band) seems hard to come by.

Current Members

Dave Monastiere


Shagrat (Timothy Jenkins)


Mike Tuff (Michael Erdody)


Phil Warren


Former Members/Guests

Lasse Pyykkö

vocals (Hooded Menace)

Charles Paxston



Witchtanic Hellucinations  
2008 Razorback
  1. Intro
  2. Into the Cave
  3. Swamp Spells
  4. Witchblood Cult
  5. The Black Witch
  6. Witchtanic Hellucinations
  7. Beastly Brew
  8. Cauldron Cave
  9. Rabid Werewitch
  10. Realm of the Wicked
  11. Witches Tits
  12. Broomstick Bitch
  13. October 31st
  • Lasse Pyykkö
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat

Witch House  EP
  1. Witch House
  2. Worship The Worm
  • Lasse Pyykkö
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat

Midnight Mass  EP
2010 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Intro
  2. Midnight Mass
  3. To Magic, Sex and Gore
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat

2011 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Satanic Faith
  2. Witchfynder Finder
  3. Trick or Treat
  4. Thundering Hooves
  5. Live Forever
  6. Whispers in the Dark
  7. If Hell Exists
  8. Stoned to the Grave
  9. Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown
  10. Sabbath of the Undead
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat

Midnight Movies  EP
2015 Hell's Headbangers
  1. I'm Back
  2. After Midnight
  3. Soldiers of the Night
  4. Partytime
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat
  • Mike Tuff
  • Charles Paxston

Evil Sound Screamers  
2017 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Scare Tape
  2. Mr. Beistle
  3. I Hate Halloween
  4. Cheap Gore
  5. Nain Rouge (The Red Dwarf)
  6. Enter at Your Own Risk
  7. Mutilation Mansion
  8. Hardrock Halloween
  9. Nightmare in a Damaged Brain
  10. An Evil Sound Screaming
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat
  • Mike Tuff
  • Phil Warren

Black Christmas Evil  EP
2018 independent
  1. Black Christmas
  2. Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out!)
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat
  • Mike Tuff

Spooky  EP
2020 independent
  1. Evil
  2. Friends Of Old

Rot Among Us  
2022 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Gather Each Witch
  2. Rot Among Us
  3. The Sleeper
  4. Psychedeathic Swampnosis
  5. Devil's Night Doom
  6. 5508 Martin St
  7. Evil Dad (Dad by Dawn)
  8. Tommyrotters
  9. Chelsea Didn't Come Home Last Night
  10. Gundella the Green Witch
  • Dave Monastiere
  • Shagrat
  • Mike Tuff
  • Phil Warren

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