Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal, Sludge Metal
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Page online: September 14, 2008
Last update/review: February 1, 2015

Kingdom Of Sorrow

Kingdom Of Sorrow is led by Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta and Crowbar mainman Kirk Windstein, and the result is, well, like a cross between Hatebreed and Crowbar, really -- angry vocals, the occasional metalcore breakdown, combined with the sludgy riffing that the New Orleans scene has been specializing in for years now. Essentially halfway between metalcore and NOLA sludge, Kingdom Of Sorrow should satisfy fans of either scene.

Current Members

Jamey Jasta

vocals (Hatebreed)

Kirk Windstein

guitars/vocals (Crowbar, Down, ex-Valume Nob)

Steve Gibb

drums (ex-Black Label Society)

Matthew Brunson

bass (Crowbar)

Derek Kerswill

drums (ex-Shadows Fall, ex-Unearth)


Kingdom Of Sorrow  
2008 Relapse
  1. Hear This Prayer For Her
  2. Grieve A Lifetime
  3. Piece It All Back Together
  4. Led Into Demise
  5. Demon Eyes (Demonized)
  6. With Unspoken Words
  7. Free The Fallen
  8. Screaming Into the Sky
  9. Lead the Ghosts Astray
  10. Begging For the Truth
  11. Buried In Black
  • Jamey Jasta
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Steve Gibb
  • Matthew Brunson
  • Derek Kerswill

Behind The Blackest Tears  
2010 Relapse
  1. Enlightened to Extinction
  2. God's Law in the Devil's Land
  3. Monuments of Ash
  4. Behind the Blackest Tears
  5. Envision the Divide
  6. From Heroes to Dust
  7. Along the Path to Ruin
  8. With Barely a Breath
  9. The Death We Owe
  10. Sleeping Beast
  11. Torchlight Procession
  12. Salvation Denied
  • Jamey Jasta
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Steve Gibb
  • Matthew Brunson
  • Derek Kerswill
2010 Readers' Album #95

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