Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  
Genres: Sludge Metal
Page online: September 1, 2008
Last update/review: September 1, 2008

Valume Nob

Not sure why these guys opted for a clumsy spelling of their name (wouldn't Volume Knob have worked just as well?), but in any case this band brings together several players from the New Orleans scene, probably as more of a side project basis. Residue And Bones is a somewhat more punky take on the familiar NOLA sound, though there's still a fair share of the sludge that the region is known for. At times the mood is a tad more upbeat, and the vocals, though hardcore-inspired, are less the typical angry shouts and more early punk-inspired. Overall this has a just-for-the-hell-of-it feel, which is not a bad thing really.

Last Lineup

Marshall Black


Frey Thieler


Sammy Molina


Sid Montz

drums (ex-Crowbar)

Former Members/Guests

Kirk Windstein

bass (Crowbar, Down, Kingdom Of Sorrow)


The Most High  EP
2004 Crash
  1. Pleasant Memories
  2. Becoming A Man
  3. Together As One
  4. Boots
  5. Friends For Life (live)
  6. Brutal Attack (live)
  • Marshall Black
  • Frey Thieler
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Sid Montz

Residue And Bones  
2006 self-released
  1. Human Habit
  2. One Day Older Than God
  3. Hereditary Addiction
  4. Empty Foil
  5. Wire Brain
  6. Whiskey Lifestyle
  7. Brutal Attack
  8. 8 Of Spades
  9. Fallen Kings
  10. Lets Go To War
  11. Burning Things
  12. Hell Or High Water
  13. War Of Faith
  14. You Instead Of Me
  15. No Tone Unturned
  • Marshall Black
  • Frey Thieler
  • Kirk Windstein
  • Sid Montz

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