Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  
Genres: Sludge Metal
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Last update/review: November 1, 2006


Formed in 1985, Tungsten hail from Crowbar territory (Louisiana), and that band is a decent starting reference for describing Tungsten's early sound. On albums such as 193.85* and *74 the classic NOLA trademarks of hardcore vocals and slow, sludgy guitar riffs are in evidence, Tungsten thus being a prime NOLA band. By the time of their third album, The Tungsten Survival Kit, the band had diversified a bit, showing a bit more depth and maturity in the songwriting while retaining the brute heaviness of the earlier albums.

Six years after Survival Kit, Tungsten released their fourth album, The Abuse. In an interesting move, the band themselves made all of the album tracks downloadable from their web site, as a response to all the press about downloading music. The style on The Abuse is different than their past material, as much of the anger is gone, replaced with a more rock feel and more introspective lyrics. They are still a heavy band, and even more diverse than before, but now play a melancholic, mid-paced hard-edged metal, with Al Hodge now singing in a clean style, which fits their current music much better. The Abuse is a pretty original-sounding album, and a welcome diversion from the multitude of bands that stick to a rigid formula. Tungsten is playing music on their own terms.

Current Members

Al Hodge


Steve Talamo


Mark Talamo



1993 Pavement
  1. The Churner
  2. Born XY
  3. I Feel Today
  4. Commitment Crisis
  5. After It’s Over
  6. Indifferent
  7. Trying To Find My Smile
  8. Just Fades Away
  9. Theorem To Failure/I Fall
  10. Now That I’m Dry
  11. Since The Break
  12. Forged In Fire
  • Al Hodge
  • Steve Talamo
  • Mark Talamo

1995 Megarock
  1. Dead To Me
  2. There Is Pain In Knowing
  3. Something Somewhere Else
  4. A View From The Outside
  5. Killing Off A Part Of Me
  6. Rootless
  7. Nothing Left
  8. A
  9. New Minority
  10. Waiting To Be Full Again
  11. O
  • Al Hodge
  • Steve Talamo
  • Mark Talamo

The Tungsten Survival Kit  
1997 Lighttown
  1. Can’t Fix A Broken Girl
  2. It’s Better To Be Alone
  3. Your Agenda
  4. Actress
  5. Swept Away
  6. I Won’t Let
  7. Afflatus
  8. The Last
  9. A Picture Of You
  10. I’ll Make It Alone
  11. Serpent
  12. eToH
  13. My Reflection
  • Al Hodge
  • Steve Talamo
  • Mark Talamo

The Abuse  
2003 Tungsten
  1. I Quit
  2. Riding The Curve
  3. Do You Remember Me?
  4. How Far Would You Go?
  5. It.s The Only Thing She Knows
  6. Who Are You?
  7. Now It.s My Turn
  8. Just Another Junkie
  9. So Far Away
  10. Nectar
  11. Erase My Pain
  12. The Faith
  13. Underneath It All
  14. Who.s Drinking With The Devil Tonight?
  • Al Hodge
  • Steve Talamo
  • Mark Talamo

If Death Doesn't Change You ... Nothing Will  
2005 Tungsten
  1. Leave The Dust Behind
  2. Drive
  3. It Was The Day She Died
  4. I'm Gonna Show You
  5. Got To Get Through This
  6. What These Eyes Have Seen
  7. See Me Through
  8. Never Crawl
  9. What Was
  10. It Was The Day He Died
  11. Can't Turn Back Anymore
  12. One Last Sunset With You
  • Al Hodge
  • Steve Talamo
  • Mark Talamo

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