Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland  
Genres: Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock
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Page online: July 31, 2022
Last update/review: July 31, 2022


Named for and inspired by the Frank Herbert sci-fi novel, Dvne (initially Dune, presumably a legality prompted the rename) has blossomed into a potent prog/sludge force as heard on 2021's Etemen Aenka, the band's first full-length since signing to Metal Blade Records. Mstd is inevitably named as a band in a similar vein, and as a point of reference that's fine, though Dvne reaches a bit more toward post-metal, are slightly more expansive in their songwriting, and really deserve to be considered their own band rather than the soundalike they are not.

Current Members

Victor Vicart


Dan Barter


Greg Armstrong


Evelyn May


Dudley Tait


Former Members/Guests

Simon Anger

bass/backing vocals

Allan Patterson


Jack Kavanagh



Progenitor  EP
  1. Gravity Signal
  2. Protostar
  3. Oscillations of Colour
  4. Pillars of Eternity
  5. When Planets Die
  6. Red Giant
  7. Orbital Remains
  • Victor Vicart
  • Dan Barter
  • Simon Anger
  • Dudley Tait

Aurora Majesty  EP
  1. Into the Travellers' Halls
  2. Of Blade and Carapace
  • Victor Vicart
  • Dan Barter
  • Simon Anger
  • Dudley Tait

2017 Wasted State
  1. The Crimson Path
  2. Viridian Bloom
  3. Thirst
  4. Descent of the Asheran
  5. Sunsets Grace
  6. Rite of Seven Mournings
  7. Edenfall
  8. Scion
  • Victor Vicart
  • Dan Barter
  • Allan Patterson
  • Dudley Tait

Omega Severer  EP
2020 Metal Blade
  1. Omega Severer
  2. Of Blade and Carapace

Etemen Ænka  
2021 Metal Blade
  1. Enûma Eliš
  2. Towers
  3. Court of the Matriarch
  4. Weighing of the Heart
  5. Omega Severer
  6. Adræden
  7. Sì-XIV
  8. Mleccha
  9. Asphodel
  • Victor Vicart
  • Dan Barter
  • Jack Kavanagh
  • Evelyn May
  • Dudley Tait

Cycles Of Asphodel  
2022 independent
  1. Weighing of the Heart
  2. Omega Severer
  3. Asphodel
  4. Satuya
  5. Satuya

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