Origin: Keighley, England  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: December 18, 2017
Last update/review: December 18, 2017

Arkham Witch

This British mob has been slogging it out since 2008, winning over their fair share of fans but without any pretense of becoming superstars. A band that doesn't appear to take themselves too seriously, their brand of carefree, NWOBHM-influenced, rather basic traditional metal (tailor-made for the retro Metal On Metal label) has an infectious quality about it that must just makes them fun to listen to. This kind of music is built for dimly-lit tiny clubs where band and fans alike can headbang the night away. There's no chance of Arkham Witch changing the metal world, but any traditional metal fan should seek them out.

Current Members



Aldo Delle Rose

guitars/backing vocals

John Hanslip


Ben Snowden


Emily Ningauble

drums/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

John Demaine

bass/backing vocals

Jayanta Brahma



On Crom's Mountain  
  1. Battering Ram
  2. The Lord of R'lyeh
  3. Burn the Witch
  4. The Phantom Bowmen
  5. Dagon's Bell
  6. March for War
  7. Waterfront Fists
  8. The Necromancer
  9. Viking Pirates of Doom
  10. Crom's Mountain
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • John Demaine
  • Emily Ningauble

Legions Of The Deep  
2012 Metal On Metal
  1. David Lund
  2. At the Mountains of Madness
  3. Iron Shadows in the Moon
  4. Infernal Machine
  5. The Cloven Sea
  6. On a Horse Called Vengeance
  7. Gods of Storm and Thunder
  8. Kult of Kutulu
  9. Legions of the Deep
  10. We're from Keighley
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • John Demaine
  • Emily Ningauble

Rough As Old Arseholes  COMPILATION
2013 independent
  1. For Metal
  2. Barbarians
  3. Dogfight
  4. The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune
  5. Sabbath Strange
  6. Iron Witch
  7. Come to the Sabbat of Doom!

Hammerstorm  EP
2013 independent
  1. Hammerstorm
  2. For Metal
  3. Metal Queen
  4. Thunder on the Tundra (Thor cover)
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • John Demaine
  • Emily Ningauble

Demos From The Deep  COMPILATION
2014 Metal On Metal
  1. Arkham Witch
  2. Let England Prevail
  3. Suicide 75
  4. The Kraken
  5. Legions of the Deep
  6. Hyades
  7. The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune
  8. For Metal

Get Thothed Vol. I  EP
2015 Metal On Metal
  1. Skull Fuel
  2. Wings of Doom
  3. You Will Obey
  4. The Lamp of Thoth
  5. Sing as You Slay
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • Jayanta Brahma
  • Emily Ningauble

I Am Providence  
2015 Metal On Metal
  1. A New English Gentleman
  2. I Am Providence
  3. The Haunted Tomb
  4. From Beyond
  5. The Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
  6. Re-Animator
  7. The Rats in the Walls
  8. Bring the Old Ones Down
  9. Cthulhu Arise!
  10. Yuggothian Sunrise
  11. Dead but Dreaming
  12. And What Man Knows Kadath?
  13. The Colour Out of Space
  14. Necronomicon
  15. Hastur the Unspeakable
  16. Tsathoggua
  17. Rebellion of the Shoggoths
  18. The Esoteric Order of Dagon
  19. Witch House
  20. The Haunter of the Dark
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • John Hanslip
  • Jayanta Brahma
  • Emily Ningauble

Weird Tales  EP
2015 independent
  1. Weird Tales
  2. The Black Monolith
  3. Fungi from Yuggoth
  4. The Lurking Fear
  5. A Kult That Never Dies
  6. Under Stranger Skies
  7. The Shadow Out of Time
  8. Charles Dexter Ward
  9. The Goat with a Thousand Young
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • John Hanslip
  • Jayanta Brahma
  • Emily Ningauble

Get Thothed Vol. II  EP
2016 Metal On Metal
  1. I Love the Lamp
  2. Sunshine
  3. Ancient Fire
  4. Serpentine
  5. Blood on Satan's Claw
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • John Hanslip
  • Jayanta Brahma
  • Emily Ningauble

Get Thothed Vol. III  EP
2018 Metal On Metal
  1. Emperor of Dreams
  2. The Beast and the Black Art
  3. Lord of the Midnight Hour
  4. This Wretched World Forlorn
  5. Wizard of the Gloves
  6. The Marriage of the Ghouls
  • Simon
  • Aldo Delle Rose
  • John Hanslip
  • Emily Ningauble

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