Origin: Townsend, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
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Armory hails from Massachussetts and was formed in 2001 by Chad Fisher and Joe Kurland, and by 2004 their debut album was recorded, however apparently the original recording suffered quality-wise and the whole thing was redone, released three years later under the same title, The Dawn Of Enlightenment. If there's one thing to be said about Armory, it's that they are one of the most un-American sounding bands to originate from the USA, as Enlightenment nails the epic Euro power metal style to a T, with the requisite double-bass drums, harmonized leads, galloping upbeat riffs, soaring choruses, and in general a fondness for all things Iron Maiden (they even include a faithful rendition of Maiden's "Flight Of Icarus"). Power metal like this rarely focuses on innovation and that's not the goal here either, but the guys faithfully and effectively play the style.

Current Members

Adam Kurland


Joe Kurland


Chad Fisher


Tom Preziosi


Peter Rutcho

keyboards (ex-Graveheart)


The Dawn Of Enlightenment  
2007 self-released
  1. The Tempest
  2. Faith in Steel
  3. Riding the Cosmic Winds
  4. Forever Triumphant
  5. Heart Of Dreams
  6. Warrior Forlorn
  7. Forged In Dragon Flames
  8. The Eyes Of Time
  9. Mystic Star
  10. The Dawn of Enlightenment
  • Adam Kurland
  • Joe Kurland
  • Chad Fisher
  • Tom Preziosi
  • Peter Rutcho

Empyrean Realms  
  1. Eternal Mind
  2. Dreamstate
  3. Beyond the Horizon
  4. Reflection Divine
  5. Horologium
  6. Elements of Creation
  7. Inner Sanctum
  8. Fate Seeker
  9. Quest for the Fleece
  • Adam Kurland
  • Joe Kurland
  • Chad Fisher
  • Tom Preziosi
  • Peter Rutcho

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