Origin: Finland  
Genres: Black Metal
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Featuring several members from the Finnish extreme metal scene, Arthemesia formed in 1994, working their way up the ladder via a couple of demos before their 2001 debut release, Devs Iratvs. Firmly in the symphonic black metal camp, the album offers few surprises for the genre but is solid for what it is, a frenzied black metal assault. The band may need another album or two under their belts before they establish their own identity, but Devs Iratvs is nonetheless a solid debut album.

Current Members

Valtias Mustatuuli


Arbaal (Jari Mäenpää)

guitars/keyboards (ex-Ensiferum, Wintersun)

Mor Voryon (Jukka-Pekka Miettinen)

guitars (ex-Cadacross, ex-Ensiferum)

S.M. NekroC (Juha Kupiainen)

guitars (De Lirium's Order)

Magistra Nocte (Erna Siikavirta)

keyboards/backing vocals (ex-Lordi)

Erzebeth Meggadeath (Marko Tarvonen)

drums (Barren Earth, ex-Chaosbreed, Moonsorrow)

Former Members/Guests

Routa Salomeri


Mor Vethor (Kimmo Miettinen)

drums (ex-Cadacross)


Devs Iratvs  
2001 Native North
  1. Blade Circle
  2. Universal Black
  3. The Breeze Of Grief
  4. Draconis Infernvs
  5. Ancestor Of Magick
  6. Lifemocker
  7. Heaven Ablaze
  8. Celebration Of The Heaven Lost
  9. Whore Of The Satans Night
  • Valtias Mustatuuli
  • Arbaal
  • Routa Salomeri
  • Mor Voryon
  • Mor Vethor

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